Celebrity Ice Bucket Challenge Videos

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25. Tom Cruise Accepts Many Ice Bucket Challenges

Tom Cruise takes one for the team in this video. Watch the actor accept EIGHT Ice Bucket Challenges.

26. Robert Pattinson Accepts Ice Bucket Challenge

Robert Pattinson is in! Watch him accept the Ice Bucket Challenge in this video.

27. Jimmy Fallon Douses Lindsay Lohan with Cold Water

Jimmy Fallon forces Lindsay Lohan to do the Ice Bucket Challenge in this video. Watch him douse her with some cold water.

28. Gwyneth Paltrow Ice Bucket Challenge

Gwyneth Paltrow does the Ice Bucket Challenge, in a bikini, and nominates Chris Martin.

29. Sarah Palin Accepts Ice Bucket Challenge

Well done, Sarah Palin. Watch his this former Vice Presidential candidate accepts the Ice Bucket Challenge in this video.

30. Matt Damon Accepts Ice Bucket Challenge

Matt Damon has accepted the Ice Bucket Challenge. Watch him do so with toilet water.

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