Catelynn Baltierra Changes Last Name, Sparks Divorce Chatter

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Catelynn has been here to say otherwise. In the face of such chatter, she wrote to Tyler on Instagram: "I love you so much!!! And for all you haters vows say - in SICKNESS and in health... remember that... because this man has done that for me beyond what I could imagine. @tylerbaltierramtv #KeepTalkingMH #rememberURVows."

8. Catelynn's Personal Anguish

Catelynn's Personal Anguish
It can be challenging enough to be a in relationship with one mentally unhealthy individual. But what about two? Catelynn has checked into rehab three times to deal with suicidal thoughts and other significant personal issues.

9. Yes, Suicidal Thoughts

Yes, Suicidal Thoughts
"I could picture myself driving into an electrical pole off the road, praying it would kill me. But I wouldn’t do it because I had my kid in the backseat," Catelynn once said after suffering a miscarriage. But the professional assistance she received in late 2017 appears to have helped the situation.

10. The Dreaded D-Word

The Dreaded D-Word
"I wouldn't blame [you] if you just want to divorce me," the MTV personality told her husband after her second visit to rehab. We wrote all about this .

11. Father Knows Best

Father Knows Best
"I feel way better," Catelynn said in March of her struggles. "They put me on different medications and they seem to be working really well." As you can see above, she also has the support of her father.

12. Remembering the Past, Looking to the Future

Remembering the Past, Looking to the Future
Ah, such memories. "Throw backs of @tylerbaltierramtv and I," Catelynn wrote as a caption to this collage,which she shared under a month ago. "It’s so funny to look back at us ! I was OBSESSED with that Hollister coat and he’s stilll the love of my life!!!! Tyler looks sooo little! My pink eye shadow I loved!!! I actually miss that stuff lol."
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