58 Crazy Cat Videos

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43. Cat Licks Kitten Too Hard

This cat does not know its own strength. Watch him lick a kitten all the way off the table!

44. Kittens Jam to 'Turn Down for What'

These cats are right on beat in this hilarious video. Watch them get down to "Turn Down for What."

45. Kitten Remix "Problem"

These cats have no "Problem" at all. Watch this video for their take on Ariana Grande's hit track.

46. Cat Plays with Cash

This cat is all about the Benjamins. Watch him roll around in some cold hard cash now.

47. Cat and Child: Mesmerized by TV!

This cat doesn't just make a great pet. He also serves as babysitter, keeping this toddler company... and totally still.

48. Chubby Cat Sits in Chair

This is a video of a large cat sitting in a tiny chair. That's it. ENJOY!

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