58 Crazy Cat Videos

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37. Pet the Cat. Now.

This Scottish Fold cat makes it clear what its owners role is. Pet the cat. Now.

38. Cat Takes on Alligator

This house cat was not about to be intimidated ... even by an alligator!

39. Cats as Alarm Clocks

Cats make the best alarm clocks, don't you think? Okay, you might not think this when they actually wake you up.

40. Cat Attempts to Play Ping Pong

Someone has to teach this cat how to play ping pong. The little guy clearly has no idea what the rules are.

41. Cat Rolls Toilet Paper Back UP!

This cat unfurls a roll of toilet paper. But he then recovers and rolls it back up!

42. Cat Interferes with "Let It Go" Rendition

This young woman is trying to perform to "Let It Go." But her cat is having none of it!

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