19 Reasons Why Bulldogs Are Awesome!

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7. Puppy Amazed by Door Stopper

What is this amazing device?!?!? Watch a French Bulldog puppy grow totally fixated by a door stopper.

8. Puppy Doesn't Want to Sleep

Cutest dog video ever? This is certainly up there, as a French Bulldog puppy objects to going to sleep.

9. Bulldog Empties and Moves Pool: It's Mine!

How awesome is this Bulldog?!? Watch him execute a plan to perfection and move a now-empty plastic pool inside.

10. Bulldog on a Trampoline!

There may not be a dog alive happier than this bulldog on a trampoline. Watch him go!!!

11. Bulldog Puppy Leaps Into Owner's Arms

This French Bulldog puppy is at first scared to jump into its owner's arms. But he then overcomes the fear and it's SO cute!

12. Bulldogs Rescue Giant Chew Toy

Nice teamwork, bulldogs! Watch these friends team up in order to rescue a giant chew toy.

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