Bridezilla Postpones Wedding, Makes Off with $30k in Donations

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Have you ever heard of a "pre-honeymoon?" Apparently it's a honeymoon that comes before a wedding.

Most people would just call that a vacation.

One bride took to her closed Facebook group to announce to all of her guests that the wedding would be postponed.

Family and friends had donated a total of $30,000 to help her wedding, and the bride assured them that the money would not be going to waste.

She and her husband-to-be would be embarking upon a pre-honeymoon using those funds, because they'd been so darn stressed.

To her astonishment, her would-be guests were annoyed by the postponement and furious that she was using donated wedding funds to fund her life.

Her meltdown is a sight to behold. Take a look:

1. Here's how it starts

Here's how it starts
We haven't gotten a direct look at what is probably a closed Facebook group, but thankfully this person on Twitter was amazing enough to share this series of screenshots of a bride-to-be who is already horrifying her loved ones.

2. The bride(zilla) had an announcement

The bride(zilla) had an announcement
She's postponing her December 1 wedding with less than a month's notice. On, they're still getting married, but at a new TBD date months in the future. Thanks for the $30,000 that people donated towards the ceremony. She's keeping it for a pre-wedding honeymoon because she's feeling SO stressed lately. Don't worry -- when she sets a new date, she'll ask for MORE money.

3. It didn't go over well

It didn't go over well
After initial displays of shock, the bride -- Pam -- asks her friends and family to chill out, because their responses are making her feel attacked. As far as she's concerned, they have no right to complain about what she does with the money that they donated "to her."

4. She's not taking any calls about it

She's not taking any calls about it
As an unidentified family member pleads with her to reconsider this absolute nonsense, her reply is essentially just "nah." She's not even going to take the calls of people who donated hundreds or even thousands to her wedding ceremony.

5. Here comes the rich uncle

Here comes the rich uncle
A lot of donations were in the form of a few hundred dollars (which is still a lot to give in today's hellscape of an economy). But more than a third of the 30k came from Rich Uncle, who sent $12,000. He promptly tells this hellclown of a bride that if he doesn't get his money refunded, he'll take her to court.

6. He's mostly nice about it

He's mostly nice about it
Bridezilla says that there was no need for threats, but she just wants to use the money for unintended purposes for the next few weeks or months and then ask for more to throw the wedding that he was largely paying for anyone.

7. There was one (1) girl in her corner

There was one (1) girl in her corner
One of her bridesmaids was a diehard loyalist. Of course, she's close to the bride and she also only donated $200.

8. The groom's friend is not okay with this

The groom's friend is not okay with this
As he points out, he's already taken off their (now former) wedding date for work. He sent $100. And now it's all for nothing. In the mean time, she's telling him that she has every right to run off with $30,000 because it was willingly given. Wow.

9. The story escalates

The story escalates
The groom's grandmother tries to get them to talk, but the bride REFUSES. In the mean time, this is when they realizet hat this story has suddenly hit it big.

10. No calls, no texts, no emails

No calls, no texts, no emails
This absolute nightmare of a woman posted a huge update, claiming that she had to go to the hospital because she was 'shaking with tears." And yes, she's paying the hospital bill with the wedding money. She then says that she has to "put my emotional zen first," which is a hell of a line. She then has the gall to ask that her family donate more items AND MONEY since they've had medical expenses.

11. It didn't go over well

It didn't go over well
The bride's aunt tells the bridezilla that she will absolutely take her $3,000 back, on the grounds that it was money for a wedding on December 1 that is not happening, so the bride has no grounds on which to keep it. Meanwhile, the bride's mom tries to talk her nightmare of a daughter out of this madness.

12. Even a bridesmaid was mad

Even a bridesmaid was mad
Meanwhile, her one tryhard apologist bridesmaid is still in her corner. Absolutely ridiculous.

13. There may be a silver lining ...

There may be a silver lining ...
Some cyber sleuths on social media have their doubts about whether this story is real or not. It looks extremely real, and we've all heard worse, but there are no reaction images. No likes, no angry face reactions, nothing. Could it be that this whole story was a fabrication? We're not sure, but it's worth considering.

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