Britney Spears Boyfriends Timeline: How Does Sam Asghari Stack Up Against Brit's Former Beaus?

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Britney Spears has dated some interesting characters over her many, many years in the spotlight ... some of whom you obviously know.

Others you may have forgotten, however, or never heard about, including some of the men who made huge impressions on the star's life.

Who did she give her v-card to? Who is she dating now?

If you follow the pop princess at all closely, you've likely heard about Sam Ashgari by now.

He and Britney have been together for several years now, and while he seems unintimidated by the celebs who came before him, Sam still has some big shoes to fill in this arena.

Of course, some of predecessors were kind of forgettable!

Remember the guys in between JT and K-Fed? Or the one who was busted cheating? Or the one she let do her wheelbarrow style?

Exactly. It's been a wild ride. No pun intended ...

Here's a quick Britney Spears romance rewind/rundown, from back to her early Louisiana roots to her current Vegas residency daze:

1. Reg Jones

Reg Jones
Yes, the man who took Britney's v-card was a high school love named Reg Jones.

2. Jason Geddert

Jason Geddert
Jason Geddert (photo not available) is said to be one of her first loves. We can't believe he was never documented on photo or film either.

3. Justin Timberlake

Justin Timberlake
These two were the prince and princess of pop for a time. Until, of course, she cheated on him with ...

4. Fred Durst

Fred Durst
Britney was linked to Limp Bizkit "singer" Fred Durst in 2002-03 ... along with unconfirmed flings Jared Leto and Colin Farrell. It was an interesting time for her.

5. Columbus Short

Columbus Short
He stomped Britney's yard. So to speak.

6. Jason Alexander

Jason Alexander
Jason Alexander, Britney's childhood friend, was her husband for 55 glorious hours in Las Vegas. Spears had that marriage annulled, but his claim to fame will never be erased.

7. Kevin Federline

Kevin Federline
Kevin Federline somehow had sex with Britney Spears at least twice, as evidenced by their two sons together. This is still disturbing to us when you consider that she's Britney Spears and he's Kevin Federline.

8. J.R. Rotem

J.R. Rotem
The music producer actually bragged that he did her wheelbarrow style, or tractor style.

9. Daimon Shippen

Daimon Shippen
Oops ... she did it again, sleeping with the help. After he split with K-Fed, Britney hooked up with bodyguard Daimon Shippen for a time.

10. Isaac Cohen

Isaac Cohen
Isaac Cohen was actually a fairly serious beau.

11. Howie Day

Howie Day
He managed to "Collide" with Britney in 2007. Amazing.

12. John Sundahl

John Sundahl
John Sundahl and Britney Spears met at Alcoholics Anonymous in 2007 and began a short but meaningful relationship. He was reported dead in early 2015, but that is not the case - he thankfully survived a helicopter crash in Afghanistan and lived to tell us about it, and the fact that he and Britney were in fact a brief item!

13. Criss Angel

Criss Angel
He made Britney Spears' clothes disappear! Or something.

14. Adnan Ghalib

Adnan Ghalib
Because every A-list superstar and pop music legend hooks up with a member of the paparazzi and actually dates him at one point.

15. Jason Trawick

Jason Trawick
Several years and one engagement later, Britney's former agent and the singer split up. They remain close.

16. David Lucado

David Lucado
Seemingly plucked out of nowhere to be Britney's boy toy, David Lucado has shown surprising stayin power!

17. Charlie Ebersol

Charlie Ebersol
Charlie Ebersol, the son of former NBC president Dick Ebersol, was most recently dating the pop princess as of late 2014 and early 2015. Things appeared to be going well, and we wished them nothing but the best, but they broke up - amicably, we are told - in June 2015. Who will she date next?!

18. This Random Hottie

This Random Hottie
Has Britney already moved on with this random Louisiana hottie?! Sources say no, she is single and they are not an item, she was just "showing him off" on Instagram ... whatever that's worth. Lookin' good though, B.

19. Harry Morton

Harry Morton
Harry Morton, the co-owner of The Viper Room and CEO of The Pink Taco, is reportedly dating Britney in September 2015. He has previously been with Demi More ... and Lindsay Lohan. And Paris Hilton. Use protection if you let him sample your pink taco B.

20. Sam Ashgari

Sam Ashgari
Sam Ashgari, a former dancer of Britney's, hs been with the pop icon since late 2016/early 2017.

21. Weathering the Storm

Weathering the Storm
Sam came along at a difficult time in Britney's life. Like the rest of us, she's seen her life upended by the coronavirus -- but that's just the beginning of Spears' troubles.

22. Finding Freedom

Finding Freedom
Britney has been battling against her father's conservatorship, which has governed her actions for most of her adult life. As one of the few members of her inner circle who's not under Jamie Spears' sway, Sam has been pressured to help Britney regain her independence.

23. The Sad Reality

The Sad Reality
But the sad fact is, Sam might have zero control over such matters, and pressing the issue might get him kicked out of her life. At least he seems to put a smile on Britney's face, and for now, that might have to be enought ...

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