Blac Chyna to Rob Kardashian: Pay Your Child Support, Broke-Ass!

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17. Oh, the Irony

Oh, the Irony
Yes, now Rob wants to maintain his privacy. Did we mention this guy posted revenge porn?

18. Fighting Back

Fighting Back
Fortunately, Blac isn't taking Rob's BS lying down.

19. Chyna's Automotive Industry

Blac recently posted this video of her driveway with a caption reading, "Work Hard , Play Harder !!! My shit !!! No Help !!! No Child Support !!! Stop the Fucking Lies !!!

20. Duking It Out

Duking It Out
And while Chyna fights the good fight on social media, her lawyers are battling it out in court.

21. Poor Little Rich Boy

Poor Little Rich Boy
“We believe Rob Kardashian has deliberately retreated from social media to reduce his income so that he can pay less child support. Poor little rich boy," says Chyna's attorney, Lisa Bloom.

22. A Solid Question

A Solid Question
"What kind of father doesn’t want to support his own baby?” Bloom proceeds to ask.

23. Delaying the Inevitable?

Delaying the Inevitable?
Bloom also alleges that Rob and his mother have been avoiding this court battle, claiming, “Rob and Kris Jenner have also been dodging their depositions. They can run, but they can’t hide,”

24. The Day of Reckoning

The Day of Reckoning
“Like all other litigants and witnesses, eventually they will have to show up and answer questions about where all of Rob’s money has gone. We’ll get a court order requiring them to come to my office and answer questions under oath if necessary," Bloom says.

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