Ashley Martson Talks Baby Plans with Jay Smith: Is She Pregnant?

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37. The COVID-19 pandemic hit ....

The COVID-19 pandemic hit ....
The extremely dubious, will-never-replace-Vine-in-our-hearts video app TikTok took off, and Ashley partook in one of its challenges in mid March ... using the challenge's format to reveal that she and Jay were back together.

38. SURELY it was a prank!

SURELY it was a prank!
But no, apparently she was genuinely back with Jay, as their respective Instagram accounts quickly made clear.

39. This wasn't just a convenient lockdown experience

This wasn't just a convenient lockdown experience
They had actually decided, despite everything that we just recounted, to give it another chance.

40. Can you believe?

Can you believe?
Fans were absolutely stunned. But considering how plague-ridden and bizarre 2020 has been proving to be, it was easier to accept. Like "sure, life doesn't make any sense, this might as well happen."

41. They also spoke to fans

They also spoke to fans
Sidestepping a lot of their past, Ashley and Jay went on YouTube where they began describing their relationship goals.

42. And they talked about babymaking

And they talked about babymaking
In April, just two months ago, Ashley addressed the reality that if she were to have a baby with Jay, that baby would need to come sooner rather than later, given her age. Notably, her eggs are frozen, but carrying a baby to term is not something that you want to do when you're old (if at all).

43. Also

In June, as millions across the country protest racism and escalating police violence in a courageous reckoning for racists in all walks of life, Ashley called out Vanderpump Rules star Jax Taylor for his past racist comments.

44. She even explained why they are so racist

She even explained why they are so racist
White supremacy enforces Eurocentric beauty standards, holding people up to a specific set of ideal looks and, when finding that lacking, dismissing them as "ugly." Jay is many things and there are valuable criticisms that could be lodged at him. "Ugly" is not one of them.

45. There was more

There was more
Scribbling out 90 Day Fiance blogger John Yates' watermark from when she had shared the cruel DMs with him in 2018, Ashley reposted some vile private messages that Jax had sent to her for seemingly no other reason than a desire to be cruel.

46. And now

And now
Is Ashley pregnant? No. Despite her statements in April, it sounds like she is postponing the idea of popping out a Baby Jay until she is at a different place in her career as a public figure.

47. That is very sensible

That is very sensible
Whatever you may think of Ashley's decision to give Jay his millionth chance, at least she has a realistic idea of how much time and work a child takes. After all, she is already a mother of two. In fact, she wants to wait until those kids are older and more self-sufficient before she entertains the idea of Baby #3. Plus, Jay himself needs to be ready for fatherhood.

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