Ariana Grande vs. Pete Davidson: Whose Side Should You Take In This Ugly Breakup?

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9. Except Ari Was

Except Ari Was
For reasons that aren't entirely clear, Ariana took offense to the joke. So much so, in fact, that she took to Twitter in order to air her grievances.

10. Pete Tweets

Pete Tweets
"for somebody who claims to hate relevancy u sure love clinging to it huh," Ariana tweeted in response to the spot, adding, “thank u, next.”

11. Really?

Obviously, it's a little odd that after remaining silent about the split for several weeks, Ariana chose to lash out over an SNL promo.

12. Tweeted and Deleted

Tweeted and Deleted
Ariana may have realized that she came off a trifle petty, as she deleted the tweet not long after it gained traction on social media.

13. Team Pete?

Team Pete?
Now, we fully defend Pete's right to use his craft to help him make sense of a difficult time. Artists in other mediums do it all the time, and many find humor to be an effective palliative.

14. Not So Fast ...

Not So Fast ...
But that doesn't mean we're unquestioningly on Pete's side in all of this.

15. Motive

For one thing, Pete's reason for joking about his situation needs to be considered.

16. Davidson Shade

Davidson Shade
One source close to Davidson says he's cracking jokes not as a way of coming to terms with the situation, but as a method of burying his own insecurities.

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