Andrew Glennon: Okay Yeah Amber Portwood May Be a Violent Psychopath ... But I Love and Forgive Her!

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Andrew Glennon has been through A LOT with Amber Portwood.

The reality stars have a baby son together, of course, which means they are bonded for life and have already been through the ups, downs and challenges of newborn parenthood.

But Portwood also says she came close to hanging herself last summer, only for Glennon to recognize something was the matter with his wife and refuse to leave her side.

Since then, Amber has continued to battle her mental health problems, while Andrew has remained by her side.

However, everything came to a violent head for the twosome on the morning of July 5... when Amber was arrested for felony domestic violence after allegedly attacking Glennon with a shoe. And a machete.

Fast forward just about a month and where does Glennon stand on the relationship?

We're summarized his recent chat with Daily Mail TV below...

1. Okay. Let's Go Over What Happened...

Okay. Let's Go Over What Happened...
Early on July 5, Andrew and Amber argued because, he claims, the couple and its son missed a July 4 fireworks show due to traffic and Amber blamed her boyfriend.

2. How Did Amber React?

How Did Amber React?
Poorly. She is accused of hurling a shoe at Glennon and of then threatening suicide.

3. More Than Just Threatening, Actually

More Than Just Threatening, Actually
Glennon says Portwood swallowed a bunch of Klonopin pills, only to then throw them back up before it was too late.

4. Glennon Proceeded to Text 911

Glennon Proceeded to Text 911
He told authorities that he feared for both his life and the life of his child.

5. This Wasn't All, Though

This Wasn't All, Though
Glennon alleges that he locked himself and James in the bathroom, only for Amber to use an actual machete in her attempt to break down the door.

6. She Was Subsequently Arrested

She Was Subsequently Arrested
And charged with THREE felonies related to the assault.

7. Since Then?

Since Then?
Glennon has filed for primary custody of James. Amber is only permitted to see her son right now under the supervision of a court-appointed individual.

8. The Legal Situation is One Thing...

The Legal Situation is One Thing...
... but Amber has made this personal in other ways, too. She recently shared this meme, implying that Glennon had been cheating on her.

9. So... Did He Cheat?

So... Did He Cheat?
Glennon says no, but there's been talk that he's now texting a new woman.

10. The Denial

The Denial
"Andrew has been nothing but faithful and loving to Amber since the day they met," a source told Us Weekly. "All he wanted was a happy family with Amber, but her lack of self-care with her mental disorders and choosing not to take her medications regularly has caused great stress among the two."

11. And Andrew Himself Has Said the Following:

And Andrew Himself Has Said the Following:
"I don't like being called a cheater when I'm not. If I cheated you wouldn't hear a peep from me, but I'm just not that species of animal so... conscience clean."

12. What Else Has He Now Said?

What Else Has He Now Said?
He tells The Daily Mail that he cares solely at the moment about whatever is best for his son: "I need to do what's right for James and I need to take the right steps for myself."

13. One Day at a Time

One Day at a Time
"The future's unknown," he adds. "All I know is what I need to do, like, right now and that is to provide James with a safe, secure happy environment."

14. To This End?

To This End?
Glennon does not think Amber can keep their sons safe. “Father believes it is in James’ best interests that he be awarded sole legal and primary physical custody,” his filed court papers for custody read. “Father believes that it is not currently in James’ best interests for Mother to have unsupervised parenting time.”

15. More Harsh, Legal Words:

More Harsh, Legal Words:
Continues this same document: "Father believes Mother is currently unable to provide a safe, stable and secure environment for James on an ongoing basis due to her frequent refusal and/or failure to take medicines prescribed to treat her mental-health conditions, among other concerns."

16. Poor James

Poor James
Glennon added to The Daily Mail that "babies imprint at a young age" and it's imperative to "put happy memories into him."

17. Farewell to Amber Forever Then?

Farewell to Amber Forever Then?
Maybe not, actually. "There's gonna be a lot of healing that needs to be done and repairing between James and I," Glennon said when asked about his relationship. "As far as relationships go in the future ... a lot of healing has to be done for everybody."

18. He's Not Ruling It Out, Huh?

He's Not Ruling It Out, Huh?
Sort of shocking, right?

19. The Couple Has a LOOOOONG Way To Go, However

The Couple Has a LOOOOONG Way To Go, However
Glennon says he was "real shook" by the attack, adding: "If you could imagine having your whole world and everything that you love flipped upside down in a heartbeat, that's it."

20. I Did Not Cheat!

I Did Not Cheat!
"My name was never mentioned in the post that she released ... I guess it was just rough timing," Andrew says of that aforementioned cheating meme. "People are just going to slap it on me. It's a bashing of my character and what hurts I guess is the fact that she hasn't come out and made a statement to say, you know, I wasn't talking about Andrew, I was talking about somebody else."

21. How is Amber Feeling?

How is Amber Feeling?
She has said very little since the arrest, but did recently share a video of her dog on Instagram.

22. Her Dog?

Her Dog?
Yes. She wrote this caption along with it: "Every morning this beautiful soul is right by my side to make me feel comfortable when I'm a bit down..remember who I am not what you hear. Still sending all my love and prayers to everyone in need and I won't stop helping even when I'm going through pain."

23. What's Next?

What's Next?
Portwood is due in court on August 22.

24. Will She Lose Custody of James?

Will She Lose Custody of James?
It's too early to say, but remember that she spent time in jail in 2013 following an arrest for domestic violence against ex Gary Shirley.

25. We Pray She Gets the Help She Needs

We Pray She Gets the Help She Needs
And that James therefore gets the mother he so very much deserves.

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