Andrew Glennon: Amber Portwood Ruined My Life ... And Now She's Gotta Pay!

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13. Sharing His Truth

Sharing His Truth
In responses to Instagram fans, Andrew says that he's already forgiven Amber -- but that doesn't mean he's about to remain silent while she spreads misinformation about their relationship.

14. Not the First, Just the Worst

Not the First, Just the Worst
"Wasn't the first time, just the worst time," he wrote in one reply. "It's been a long road of trying to heal."

15. Mad Andrew

Mad Andrew
To another, more combative, fan who accused Andrew of airing his dirty laundry and reveling in the drama, Andrew was less conciliatory in his response.

16. Big Sarcasm

Big Sarcasm
"Yes, you are right, my plan was to destroy everything that I loved in my world, correction, my ENTIRE world. [sarcasm]," he wrote.

17. Escalating Quickly

Escalating Quickly
When a different fan also commented on Andrew's decision to address the situation on Instagram, Glennon described his thought process.

18. Splitting Hairs?

Splitting Hairs?
"I'm not shading anyone at all. Would you disagree with what I wrote?" he remarked. "I'm sure Amber's conscience is perfectly clean."

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