Andrew Glennon: Amber Portwood Abused Our Son and Almost KILLED Him!

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7. Wow

Somehow things escalated to the point where she grabbed a machete she kept by her bed in case of emergencies, and Andrew took James and ran to another room. He held the door closed with his foot while he texted 911 and held the poor kid.

8. Evidence?

She hasn't admitted to that part, but she has been charged with three felonies, one involving a deadly weapon, and police took several photos from inside the home as evidence against her, so it seems like there's a good chance the story could be true.

9. What Else?

What Else?
After the arrest, Andrew started doing what he needed to do to ensure that James stayed with him. He got an order of protection against Amber for himself and for James, which has since been lifted so that Amber can have the occasional supervised visit with him.

10. Moving On

Moving On
He's staying in the home he shared with Amber now, but he's asked the court for permission to take James back to Malibu, where he lived before moving to Indiana for Amber. She just officially contested it, so, you know, we'll see.

11. Let's Go

Let's Go
Speaking of contesting, Amber has just started getting more vocal about everything this week, beginning with the airing of the interview she did with Dr. Drew for the Teen Mom OG reunion special.

12. Ouch

In that interview, she called Andrew's story "insane," and she also made fun of him because he texted 911 instead of doing what she would have done in his position, which would be to just run out of the house, apparently.

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