Amber Portwood UNLOADS on Andrew Glennon in New Leaked Recording: I'll KILL You, You Fat F--king Retard! [UPDATED]

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37. Did We Mention How Creepy He Is?

Did We Mention How Creepy He Is?
“This whole thing is a setup and it has been from the beginning, the more I read about what’s going on,” Shawn told The Ashley's Reality Roundup in the wake of Amber's arrest.

38. A Really Bad Guy

A Really Bad Guy
In the wake of a mountain of evidence of Amber's guilt, Shawn has not only refused to condemn her actions -- he's found a way to blame her co-stars.

39. Insanity

“The same cast members who are blasting her now about the audio that has come out I reached out to to try to get her help,” Shawn recently wrote on Instagram. “Whether it be through therapy that they may have taken or to just have them call her and talk to her. Never did I get a reasonable response…"

40. The BS Artist

The BS Artist
“I’m not saying who I reached out to,” Shawn continued. “What I am going to say [is] that I reached out to a small network of people that I had access to to try to find her help. Those people chose not to say anything to me but now want to comment on the audio."

41. Shaming and Blaming

Shaming and Blaming
He added: "And if those cast members did not receive any messages from me that I’m not talking about them and they have no reason to take offense to this. But the ones that I did reach out to know who they are.”

42. Rage Runs In the Family

Rage Runs In the Family
If you've ever wondered how abusers like Amber are able to justify their actions, it's because a lot of them receive support from gold-diggers like Shawn.

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