Amber Portwood: Mom-Shamed After "Ditching" Daughter!

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7. A Startling Admission

A Startling Admission
“I haven’t seen Leah in I don’t know how f--king long because I’m so afraid of her to see me. I have to be in a good state in order to be around her," Amber said during this week's Teen Mom: OG.

8. Worse Than We Thought

Worse Than We Thought
Gary's wife, Kristina, summed up the situation thusly: “Summer break is almost over and she saw Amber a total of two times. I wish she were more involved. Leah needs her real mom."

9. Leah's "Real Mother"

Leah's "Real Mother"
“Leah is not ‘your world’ you have chosen anything and everything over her – just be happy she has Kristina – who is her real mother,” one irate fan wrote on Twitter.

10. Harsh Criticism

Harsh Criticism
“But we all still see our children everyday," another viewer wrote on Instagram. "That shouldn’t even be an option. You pull yourself together for your kids. Show them how to handle things properly when it happens to them.”

11. Clapping Back

Clapping Back
Amber concedes the situation was a grim one. But she also doesn't believe she deserves the criticism leveled at her by some TM:OG viewers.

12. Angry Amber

Angry Amber
In a lengthy diatribe, Amber let fans know exactly where she stands in terms of her daughter, her depression, and her efforts to be a better mom...

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