Adam Lind: Still on Drugs, Threatening Suicide?!

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7. Even More Trouble

Even More Trouble
And if all that isn't bad enough, we now know that Adam's most recent ex, Stasia Huber, is in the process of obtaining an order of protection against him. The details she shares in the court documents ... wow.

8. It Only Gets Worse

It Only Gets Worse
In the documents, Stasia said that "I have done too many well-checks on Adam than I can count. Times he has been curled up in a ball crying and trying to take his life. Times that got so bad he has expressed needing mandatory treatment or jail to stop himself. I have always been there in the past, he feels hopeless without me."

9. Ugh

Obviously it's a common tactic for people like Adam to threaten suicide as a way to manipulate other people -- abusers love this move -- but considering the fact that he's also on drugs? It's pretty scary.

10. A Bad Breakup

A Bad Breakup
When Stasia broke up with Adam earlier this year because of his "betrayal, emotional abuse, drugs and lying and cheating," she said that everything "got worse" for him. So much that his friends have "expressed their concerns for his safety because of his depression and drug addiction."

11. Yikes

She even said that he texted a friend of hers a few weeks ago with "I just love her and miss her so much. I can't take this life I just wanna die." A few days later, he texted again, this time writing "I need to see her. Like I'm on verge of ending myself here."

12. Terrifying

Stasia said that he also emailed her directly with the chilling message "I think I'm going to kill myself ... I can't take this life another day ... Someone dies today."

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