Adam Lind: Arrested AGAIN! Is He Facing Prison Time?

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7. Adam's In Deep

Adam's In Deep
All of this comes on the heels of another serious legal matter for Lind--one that could cost him custody of his youngest daughter.

8. Failing the Parenting Test

Failing the Parenting Test
Back in April, Lind tested positive for methamphetamines just prior to a scheduled visit with his youngest daughter, Paislee.

9. A Substantial Amount

A Substantial Amount
Court documents indicate that a “substantial” amount of methamphetamine was found in Lind's system “just over 24 hours before he was to have the parties’ minor child.”

10. Suspension of Privileges

Suspension of Privileges
Shortly thereafter, Paislee's mother, Taylor Halbur asked the Circuit Court of Minnehaha County to suspend his parenting privileges.

11. Chelsea to Follow Suit?

Chelsea to Follow Suit?
Many are wondering if Lind is soon to lose custody of both his daughters. Fans have encouraged Chelsea Houska to follow Taylor's lead and have Lind's visitation rights suspended.

12. Houska Handles It

Houska Handles It
Chelsea has assured fans that while she has no immediate plans to challenge Lind's visitation rights, she has taken steps to ensure her daughter's safety...

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