A Royal Christmas: Meghan! Harry! Kate! William! Together!

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7. Kate, Meghan and William

Kate, Meghan and William
Just several years ago, who would have imagined seeing Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle in this photo together? Amazing.

8. Celebrating the Holiday

Celebrating the Holiday
Thanks to Donald Trump, Kate, William, Harry and Meghan can say Merry Christmas again. Thank goodness!

9. Here They Come, Folks

Here They Come, Folks
Markle and Harry had teased their engagement for weeks before finally pulling the romantic plug. We are SO happy for them.

10. Most Beloved Couple on Earth?

Most Beloved Couple on Earth?
Kate and William give them competition, but they may have that honor right now, no?

11. The Two Women

The Two Women
Rumors of a rivalry have been circulating, but we don't buy them. Just look how happy Kate and Meghan are together here.

12. What a Quartet

What a Quartet
Kate, William, Meghan and Harry take in the sights and the sounds of their Christmas morning.

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