90 Day Fiance The Other Way: Sumit's Parents Tell All!

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37. Jenny is afraid

Jenny is afraid
She has lingering trauma from the way that Sumit was ushered out by his family last time. She has real fears that Sumit's family might resort to kidnapping to prevent him from seeing her again.

38. Sumit is trying to be hopeful

Sumit is trying to be hopeful
At least there will be cameras there, but he asks Jenny to wish him good luck. She will not be part of the conversation. They don't seem to want to even speak to her.

39. But if Jenny WERE there

But if Jenny WERE there
She would ask Sumit's mom "what the f--k is wrong with you, lady?" That's a fair question. If Sumit's parents had allowed the two of them to marry back in 2014, none of this -- the marriage and divorce -- would have happened.

40. But before that ...

But before that ...
Jenny describes how she visited India to see Sumit, and his parents knew her only as his friend from Facebook. She stayed in what was basically her own room upstairs. At night, Sumit would sneak up to see her -- keep in mind that he was a grown man already -- and the two of them would bone and then he'd sneak back to his room.

41. Meet the parents!

Meet the parents!
Sumit's parents are Sahna and Anil, and this is the first time that they have appeared on the show. They share their recollection of Jenny's visit. Jenny gets a lot of unfair criticism, but we will stay that her staying for four months after being invited to stay for a week is ... a fair gripe.

42. Sumit wasn't as sneaky as he thought

Sumit wasn't as sneaky as he thought
His dad noticed that the two were "talking" a lot at night, and it made him realize that they had a relationship that Sumit's parents considered inappropriate.

43. They can't get over the age gap

They can't get over the age gap
To them, it's not about whether or not Sumit is old enough to consent to be with Jenny or some sort of potential power imbalance, which would be normal age gap concerns (but obviously not as Sumit's age). No, their issue is that their culture wouldn't approve of a woman being so much older than her man, so they don't approve.

44. "He smashed our dreams"

"He smashed our dreams"
Any time that a parent has the audacity to whine about their child not living out whatever fanfiction they wrote in their minds about their kid's future and instead pursuing their own happiness, the best response is to just quote the wise words of Ariana Grande: "What about it?"

45. Sumit hopes to sway them

Sumit hopes to sway them
The episode ends with him walking up to his parents' home as they all brace themselves for an intense family talk.

46. Next month ...

90 Day Fiance: The Other Way Season 2 will resume on October 11, at which point a lot of simmering tensions will simply explode, as you can see in this teaser video.

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