90 Day Fiance The Other Way Recap: Yazan Tells Brittany that His Family Might Kill Him

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37. Jihoon compared it to "prison"

Jihoon compared it to "prison"
He told the camera that he thought that all of this fighting was "inevitable," but it's clearly not -- not all couples fight, and just look at Kenneth and Armando, whose biggest takeaway from lockdown was boredom. Toxic people make excuses.

38. Final Status: It's Basically Over

Final Status: It's Basically Over
Deavan has to go home to America "for a month" with Drascilla and Taeyang, which she and Jihoon hope will give them the space to heal their marriage. Translation: this is a fiction for the cameras to give their storyline a palatable-for-TV ending. Deavan and Jihoon will not be at the Tell All, because Jihoon allegedly attacked Drascilla and when Deavan called the police, threatened to kill himself and Taeyang. If they're still married now, it's only because Jihoon has not signed the divorce papers yet.

39. Sumit Singh and Jenny Slatten

Sumit Singh and Jenny Slatten
Sumit is still in the middle of a tense argument with his parents, noting that they have been cruel, controlling, and nearly ruined his life (all true). Meanwhile, Jenny is unsure if she can keep fighting to be with Sumit because, unlike his parents, she actually cares about his feelings and doesn't want to see him ruin his relationship with his folks.

40. Finally, some translation

Finally, some translation
Sahna, Sumit's mom, begins addressing Jenny and he translates for her. Unfortunately, Sahna doesn't have anything nice to say.

41. Shame! Shame!

Shame! Shame!
Sahna has very likely not seen Game of Thrones (after that finale, that's kind of enviable), and has no idea that she sounds like she's quoting one of the series' most contemptible villains. Of course, maybe Sahna wouldn't see it that way if she watched the show, given her villainous real-life behavior.

42. She scolds Jenny for being "old"

She scolds Jenny for being "old"
Sahna refers to Sumit as basically being a little boy, which ... ma'am, Sumit is in his thirties. He is a grown man.

43. Sumit isn't backing down ... at first

Sumit isn't backing down ... at first
He notes that he has wanted this for a decade of his life, and doesn't want his parents to stand in the way of his getting married.

44. Content warning: suicide threat

Content warning: suicide threat
Just when we thought that Sumit's parents couldn't stoop any lower, Sahna does something unforgivable: she threatens to commit suicide if Sumit marries Jenny. This vile manipulation tactic is favored by controlling abusers ... and it works. Sumit agrees to not marry Jenny.

45. But he won't come home with them, either

But he won't come home with them, either
Sahna tries to continue her unflattering tantrum, but Anil steps in and reminds her that Sumit has already agreed to 50% of her demands, so that's a fair compromise. (No part of this situation is "fair," but whatever)

46. The parents left

The parents left
Jenny gives a pretty good summary of the conversation that just took place, and she is very unhappy with it. It was a stressful, painful event.

47. Sumit can't just ghost his family

Sumit can't just ghost his family
Well, he could, but he doesn't want to. (Honestly, and this goes for people dating fellow Americans, too, if you're in a relationship and someone seems overly beholden to their family when they're being unreasonable, end things early and spare yourself this kind of agony)

48. So how can Jenny stay?

So how can Jenny stay?
She's not returning to India a fourth time, she warns Sumit, even though ending things would break her heart. He suggests that they find some sort of sponsor so that she can extend her visa without marrying him.

49. Then ...

Then ...
Even though they cannot do the ring ceremony or get married thanks to Sumit's mother's blackmail and suicide threats, Sumit does have something romantic planned.

50. A promise ring!

A promise ring!
A little juvenile? Yes. But it's a sweet gesture of their commitment that doesn't break Sumit's promise to hsi mother.

51. Final Status: Still Together

Final Status: Still Together
The season ends with Jenny and Sumit still being in a relationship and still being together, physically.

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