90 Day Fiance The Other Way Recap: Free Brittany!

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37. Jihoon should have come clean

Jihoon should have come clean
He lied to Deavan to get her to come there because he knew that if she knew the truth, she would remain in the US working 17 hour days sometimes to support the kids and he might not see her again.

38. Deavan needs some space

Deavan needs some space
She, her mom, and the kids head off to a hotel to cool off and consider their options. Jihoon, dude, you totally blew it.

39. On the flip side

On the flip side
Unlike Ariela and Deavan, Kenneth and Armando are both moving into good accommodations that they selected together. Kenneth is on Day 4 of his lengthy drive, and he is enjoying it and dancing ot the music. Obviously, 90 Day Fiance couldn't air the music to which he listened in the car, but they found something with the same beat and synced it up to Kenneth's dancing.

40. Kenneth isn't alone

Kenneth isn't alone
His 15-year-old dog, Truffles, is along for the ride. I love Truffles. I would depopulate continents for Truffles.

41. The move is bittersweet, though

The move is bittersweet, though
He is moving in with Armando, but Kenneth is going to miss some major milestones with his kids and grandkids. It's normal to cry when we're making big changes in our lives, even if it's exactly what we want.

42. Meanwhile, Armando is setting up

Meanwhile, Armando is setting up
Armando is clearly one of the sweetest men in the universe. He also admits that he has never been in such a "large" kitchen before. It's a kitchen small enough that some of us would consider it "too tiny to really use" and Armando, frankly, deserves the world.

43. Look what he's making for Kenneth!

Look what he's making for Kenneth!
Armando admits that he wishes that he could afford to get Kenneth something really nice, but he cannot (he's a single dad, we get it), so he is making him a cute welcome gift.


Yes, some of us teared up when we saw this (me, I'm some of us). It's a gift signifying Kenneth's move from Florida to Mexico.

45. Armando, too, gets teary

Armando, too, gets teary
He explains that neither of them are familiar with this area or, frankly, how safe it is for a gay couple, so they elected to live in a gated community. Armando is excited to begin his new life as his authentic self and he is not the only one crying tears of joy.

46. They deserve the world

They deserve the world
For now, they'll settle for a nice condo in a gated neighborhood with a gorgeous view.

47. On to Jenny and Sumit

On to Jenny and Sumit
One of the most captivating couples from Season 1, Jenny is still trying to get Sumit to show her divorce papers ... but first, they meet up with someone.

48. ... By way of going on a walk

... By way of going on a walk
It almost looks like they're stalling, and Jenny has to duck to avoid hitting her head on a branch that is way too low to the ground but Sumit has an easier time, given his height.

49. They meet up with Sumit's friend

They meet up with Sumit's friend
This friend was opposed to Sumit lying to her the whole time, he says, and he's glad that she knows what's up and is rooting for them.

50. But he warns how hard it can be

But he warns how hard it can be
He has spent years just trying to get a legal separation. Sumit promises Jenny that it won't take that long for him.

51. Jenny listens with concern

Jenny listens with concern
The issue with divorce courts in India is that they are too few, so there is always a long line. And the divorce trials themselves can be protracted and expensive.

52. Show her the paper, Sumit!

Show her the paper, Sumit!
His attempts to divert her attention by fixing up the apartment are not going to fly. She needs to see divorce paperwork, please and thank you.

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