90 Day Fiance: Evelin Villegas Wants to Divorce Corey Rathgeber!

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37. Steven breaks it down

Steven breaks it down
He has kissed about 100 girls. He has gone somewhat further than that with perhaps "two dozen." And he has had sex with five or six. While we're certainly not slut-shaming Steven (or anyone), those are all three surprisingly high numbers for a 25-year-old whose religion forbids him from doing most or all of that.

38. When did Steven last date other girls?

When did Steven last date other girls?
Alina asks this very good question, not letting herself be distracted by Steven's stats. He says "last October." They were already in a relationship, though he stresses that they'd only just started out at the time.

39. He does feel bad

He does feel bad
It's not clear if Steven really understands why Alina is disappointed, because they are such fundamentally different people, but he knows that her feelings are hurt and that he is to blame.

40. She doesn't understand him

She doesn't understand him
Perhaps the problem is that Steven does not really understand himself.

41. Alina's mom comes to visit

Alina's mom comes to visit
Alina shares that she told her mom that Steven went on dates early in their relationship, but not the rest.

42. Her mom knows that something is up

Her mom knows that something is up
But Alina wants to work out how she feels about Steven's sexual history before she can figure out what to tell her mom.

43. They exchange gifts

They exchange gifts
Steven enjoys some Turkish chocolate and offers the gift of a cat purse -- a reference to one of his favorite activities with Alina when cameras aren't rolling (feeding outdoor cats that wander around cities in Turkey). Alina sagely affirms that a cat purse is not going to win back her trust.

44. Understatement of the episode, everyone

Understatement of the episode, everyone
Anna, Alina's mom, acknowledges that Steven is odd. But she's more concerned with how he has clearly upset Alina, even if she doesn't know the whole story.

45. But he didn't MEAN to

But he didn't MEAN to
Steven stresses that Alina is everything to him and that he didn't intend to hurt her with his actions, but ... how much do his intentions matter here? That's a question that only Alina can answer.

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