90 Day Fiance The Other Way: Deavan Clegg Should Go Back to America!

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37. Biniyam feels like he's in the hotseat

Biniyam feels like he's in the hotseat
Though Janice is polite and gentle, she lays out Biniyam's personal history -- having previously impregnated an American woman, come to America, and then divorced. Biniyam says that his ex-wife was jealous, but that her jealousy was unfounded, but it led to their divorce. We are so curious to hear more about that, possibly from others in the know. Biniyam says that his goal is to make enough to buy a house in Ethiopia.

38. Janice lays out the reality

Janice lays out the reality
Right now, he and Ariela are not really making enough to support themselves. Though it is implied that Ariela can likely count on support from her parents if she needs it, that is not a long-term solution. Janice asks Biniyam if he understands how much Ariela is giving up to be here with him, leading Ariela to ask Biniyam if he understand the word "privilege" as her mom uses it.

39. It's complicated

It's complicated
Though it is said that Ariela and Biniyam's story is exaggerated for viewers, if we take it at face value, Ariela is making a mistake. She could at least try to bring Biniyam to the US, where almost any house would meet her minimal living standards. If rumor is to be believed, that is the plan. It's a more realistic plan than Biniyam supporting them in Ethiopia with his music career.

40. Tim Clarkson and Melyza Zeta

Tim Clarkson and Melyza Zeta
We're still just getting to know these two, but Tim is arriving in Columbia soon and Melyza is admittedly both nervous and excited. Notably, the only person in her life who is excited to see Tim is her dad, because he is the only one who doesn't know that Tim cheated on her.

41. Awwww!

They are reunited. Melyza is most visibly excited that Tim has brought their cat, but you know what? That's relatable. I have friends who I love with every fiber of my being, but I greet the pets first. Also, the cat didn't cheat on Melyza.

42. Awkward ...

Awkward ...
We have to keep in mind that Melyza spent hours in front of the camera with producers prompting her to say things and asking her questions. While it is unconscionably rude to discuss someone's weight gain as a negative, reality TV lives for moments like these.

43. They go on a walk

They go on a walk
Together, the two of them explore Medellin, admiring how colorful the city is.

44. Melyza even feeds Tim

Melyza even feeds Tim
It's amazing how couples can fall back into patterns -- in this case, sweet ones -- when they are reunited, even when there are issues to sort out and discuss.

45. But they do need to talk

But they do need to talk
The two of them sit down with beers and discuss Tim's infidelity, mostly because they have never talked about it on camera.

46. Tim had thought that he could keep it to mere flirtations

Tim had thought that he could keep it to mere flirtations
Melyza says that the moment that he invited his coworker to his house, he had to know that it would go beyond that. This is a very fair point. (Honestly, his cheating feels like a self-sabotage variety of cheating, which does make us hopeful for this couple's future)

47. Tim isn't sure if they can ever move past this

Tim isn't sure if they can ever move past this
He may have ruined his best chance at happiness right now. So that's a tough arrival ... and he hasn't even faced Melyza's mom, yet.

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