90 Day Fiance: Corey Rathgeber and Evelin Villegas Are Already Married!!

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37. Kenneth Niedermeier and Armando Rubio

Kenneth Niedermeier and Armando Rubio
After hugging Armando and Hannah goodbye, Kenneth drives to the airport -- but he's not going anywhere. He is picking up one of his daughters.

38. Cassidy is so happy to see him

Cassidy is so happy to see him
It has been over a year (largely due to the pandemic) since she has seen her dad, and she misses him. They all do. She has also been picking up the slack and keeping everyone in contact, which he used to do.

39. Armando misses her, too

Armando misses her, too
In fact, he tearfully confesses in the car that this is the one thing that he has been holding back from Armando. He tells his fiance everything else, but what he hasn't opened up about -- in an effort to protect Armando's feelings -- is how severely homesick he is.

40. Steven Johnston and Alina

Steven Johnston and Alina
Steven with a V and Alina are planning to meet up in Turkey before Steven can come back to Russia with her. The pandemic has made this step in their journey a necessary part of being together.

41. But first ...

But first ...
Alina is still haunted by a question that Steven asked earlier in their relationship -- whether they could also date other people. This doesn't seem to be something on his mind, but it is clearly occupying Alina's thoughts.

42. Alina has hatched a WILD plan

Alina has hatched a WILD plan
She wants to actually PROVE that Steven will be faithful to her ... by enlisting a friend of hers, about whom Steven doesn't know. She and Masha unfriend each other on social media so that Masha can start sending Steven flirty messages (Alina even helps her to craft them).

43. Will Steven take the bait?

Will Steven take the bait?
Alina is of course hoping that he won't respond, but is aware that her childish game could tell her that they're not right for each other.

44. Meanwhile ...

Meanwhile ...
Steven says goodbye to his family as he heads to the airport, hugging his mom, Julie. They are worried about how this will go for him but they clearly love him a lot. In particular, his mom worries that Steven is NOT worried.

45. Steven has other concerns

Steven has other concerns
He and Alina have pledged to wait until marriage to bone, in accordance with Steven's Mormon beliefs. That's just fine for Alina, who at 20 has not had sex yet -- not by ideology, but by happenstance. Steven hasn't told her that he has strayed from his beliefs in pre-marital chastity in the past and is not a virgin. He has his fingers crossed that, when he tells her, it won't result in her breaking up with him.

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