90 Day Fiance: Brittany Learns Yazan's LIFE is in Danger

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37. Success!

"I support the marriage for you and the kids, and I think Jihoon is going to be fine," Elicia says. Unfortunately, her prediction about her son-in-law would not ultimately pan out.

38. Tim Clarkson and Melyza Zeta

Tim Clarkson and Melyza Zeta
Tim confesses to Melyza that he has to leave Columbia and return to the US. He has been unable to get work in Columbia, as he would have to convince a company to not only hire him but to sponsor him for a work visa, so he needs to return home while he still has money for a ticket, basically.

39. Melyza is hurt

Melyza is hurt
We know that apparently some viewers struggle to follow Melyza's feelings because she expresses them using her big-girl words instead of by screaming, crying, or throwing things, but she is clearly unhappy even though she acknowledges that this is not solely Tim's doing.

40. He swears that he'll return

He swears that he'll return
This is not him making excuses to drag things out and he's afraid that she'll see it that way, that she'll think that after this he'll find another excuse.

41. They both have misgivings

They both have misgivings
As a result of Tim's cheating and Melyza having dated while they weren't together, they both have real insecurities to deal with and will likely fear that the other will date while they are away. That said, they've patched things up so well now that this seems unlikely. Goodbye is not a breakup.

42. Oh, Tim

Oh, Tim
Tim goofily tries and fails to pack a bunch of framed photos, and instead gifts them to Melyza to keep.

43. This is hard

This is hard
Tim tears up. He loves Melyza and he's going to miss her. He also knows that they'd be together and likely married already if it weren't for one stupid night when he cheated, causing their romance to do a reset.

44. This is hard for both of them

This is hard for both of them
"I'm not moving back to run away from you. I'm moving back so I can run back to you," he has promised Melyza. He also acknowledges that he brought more hope with him when he moved and less of a solid plan.

45. Melyza had hopes, too

Melyza had hopes, too
Now they're going long-distance for a little while, and it seems like they may have missed their moment.

46. They kiss goodbye

They kiss goodbye
Well, it's a pre-goodbye. Tim is tearful when he actually boards the plane.

47. Only then do Melyza's tears flow

Only then do Melyza's tears flow
This girl is so relatable sometimes, only crying after he has boarded the plane as she laments their situation to the camera.

48. Brittany Banks and Yazan Abo Horira

Brittany Banks and Yazan Abo Horira
Brittany and Angela meet up with Yazan for dinner. Because he worries that some of what he says will get lost in translation, they bring a translator, Adam, to make sure that the nuances are all conveyed.

49. His family has kicked him out

His family has kicked him out
Yazan explains through Adam that the reason that he has been acting the way that he has is because of the bewildering amount of pressure that his family is applying to him.

50. Here's why he's impatient to marry her

Here's why he's impatient to marry her
Continuing as they are, he fears, would lead to them disowning him, and being with her at all -- even if they married then and there -- might have the same result.

51. WHOA

Brittany, much like Britney Spears in "Oops ... I Did It Again," literally did not ask Yazan to sacrifice his relationship with his family for her, and she never would.

52. But Yazan is willing

But Yazan is willing
He vows to her that he will do anything, sacrifice anything to be with her on a permanent basis.

53. Angela says goodbye

Angela says goodbye
After spending a week in Jordan to visit Brittany, Angela is packing her bags to head home. She says that she does understand why Brittany loves Yazan.

54. Brittany is in a weird place

Brittany is in a weird place
She is simultaneously worried about Yazan and his family AND concerned that maybe he is using his family situation to get her to overlook the inexcusable way that he has spoken to her.

55. Brittany meets with Obaida

Brittany meets with Obaida
Yazan is a member of 90 Day Fiance's unofficial "hot stars with hotter brothers" hall of fame, and Obaida wants to talk to Brittany -- with Adam in tow -- to give her a perspective that Yazan will not or cannot. Notably, Brittany is so leery at first because she is unsure of how Obaida views her.

56. Brittany doesn't want to be a problem

Brittany doesn't want to be a problem
She explains to him that she loves Yazan and wants to be with him but does not want to destroy his family ties.

57. It's so much worse than she knows

It's so much worse than she knows
Obaida admits that he is afraid for his brother. While what his father said was an expression used in anger, Obaida has concerns that some of their very conservative family members might literally inflict physical violence upon Yazan over this relationship.

58. Brittany had no idea how opposed they were

Brittany had no idea how opposed they were
He explained that the fear is that Yazan will marry Brittany and then suddenly become more Western and less traditional. (Spoiler alert: this is literally exactly what Yazan wants, which is one of many reasons why he is not dating local girls of whom his family would approve)

59. This is devastating to hear

This is devastating to hear
No one wants to ruin their loved ones' familial relationships, and Yazan has truly not conveyed the whole of this to Brittany, so she's learning it from Obaida. It's understandable that Brittany cries when she learns the situation.

60. Obaida offers words of comfort

Obaida offers words of comfort
He reassures her that Yazan loves her, which is really not her worry.

61. She is desperate to fix this

She is desperate to fix this
But Obaida tells her that merely pretending to convert to Islam to appease the family is no good, as Islam is a faith of conviction -- you don't just put on a hat that says "Muslim!" and go about your business, so she wouldn't be fooling anyone. And, as Yazan's uncle pointed out, there's no point converting if it's not what you believe. So Brittany is left to wonder how to fix this mess that she didn't even cause.

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