90 Day Fiance The Other Way Recap: Brittany Breaks Down

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37. Jihoon breaks down sobbing

Jihoon breaks down sobbing
This is where Jihoon's mom loses us with the "men shouldn't cry" BS. We're glad that Jihoon is able to express his emotions honestly because it's a sign that his emotional health is better than his financial decision-making.

38. He resolves to be better

He resolves to be better
Jihoon is adamant about how he needs to be a better husband to Deavan ... if she will give him the chance at all.

39. Meanwhile, in Mexico

Meanwhile, in Mexico
Armando Rubio is preparing a meal in what he considers to be a spacious kitchen as he aways Kenneth Niedermeier's arrival. It has been so long since they were together, and Armando has been fixing up their condo.

40. Kenneth pulls up in the parking lot

Kenneth pulls up in the parking lot
He says something about thinking that this is the right place, as if he didn't see the cameras filming him pull in. It's a cute touch.

41. It's happening!

It's happening!
Honestly, this story of Kenneth and Armando's is making us Feel things, an emotion usually reserved for cats or our friend's selfies.

42. Reunited at LAST!

Reunited at LAST!
Kenneth and Armando embrace and they are just so SWEET.

43. This season kept us waiting, but it was worth it

This season kept us waiting, but it was worth it
Armando and Kenneth have missed each other so much. They are both nervous -- about their new home, about their new lives, and more -- but they wouldn't have had it any other way.

44. Look!!!

Armando had a custom poster made, where you can see very stylized images of him and Kenneth and his daughter, Hannah.

45. They have a lot of catching up to do

They have a lot of catching up to do
Armando does share that his dad did not show up to say goodbye to him, which is not a great sign. Kenneth will be nervous to meet them as they pick up Hannah. Kenneth also notes that there are some differences in the home -- no central heating and (an absolute dealbreaker for me) no air conditioning. There are ways to remedy these things but it's just ... very different.

46. It's their first night in their new home

It's their first night in their new home
They're very sweet and then they have bedroom eyes and then Kenneth declares "you people need to leave" and it is, quite frankly, adorable.

47. The next day ...

The next day ...
Kenneth tries to give a "clean version" of the night's events, which just means that he slept very well. Remember, he's a father and a grandfather. People whom he knows will absolutely be watching this. Not everyone is as willing to boast about their sex life as Jay Smith, but suffice it to say that Kenneth and Armando are really enjoying their new life together.

48. Time to explore the town

Time to explore the town
Kenneth notes that stopsigns are not uniform at all in Mexico which makes them difficult to spot, but they drive to a place that Kenneth admits that he would avoid if he were in America. Here, it's just a place where they can find restaurants and good.

49. Kenneth asks what kind of food a restaurant serves

Kenneth asks what kind of food a restaurant serves
An English-speaking patron mocks Kenneth for asking, noting that in Mexico, he's going to be eating Mexican food. Most people from Western nations are accustomed to an assortment of food options from dozens if not hundreds of styles, save for in very small rural towns. It's an adjustment for Kenneth

50. Time for lunch!

Time for lunch!
As they eat, Kenneth (who is ... a little fussy about food and a bit of a germophobe) recognizes how dependent he is on Armando to translate and to figure out how much money needs to be paid whenever they go out to eat. He's not on vacation -- this is his new life and he has a lot to learn.

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