90 Day Fiance The Other Way Recap: Brittany Banks Drunk Dials Yazan!

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37. Robin doesn't quite apologize

Robin doesn't quite apologize
But Melyza seems to accept what she says anyway: "I definitely appreciate that she reassured me that she actually loved and respected me, even though she kind of dances around saying sorry."

38. Brittany Banks and Yazan Abo Horira

Brittany Banks and Yazan Abo Horira
Following last week's angry exchange over Facetime that happened en route to the airport, Brittany is furious and no longer even wants to go to Jordan at all.

39. Meanwhile, Yazan tries to explain

Meanwhile, Yazan tries to explain
Speaking to the camera, he shows the damage to his new car and explains that, because he made the choice to be in the middle of texting Brittany when he got into the accident, he decided that this was somehow her fault.

40. Then, he sent her the photos and blamed her

Then, he sent her the photos and blamed her
Despite the accusatory nature of the texts that he sent, Yazan apparently expected words of comfort and gratitude that he was alright. He might have gotten that if he hadn't been weirdly hostile, and instead, he got hostility in return, which he says hurt his feelings. Okay.

41. Back in Florida

Back in Florida
Either through production intervention or her own process, Brittany has changed her mind -- she WILL fly to Jordan as planned, where her friend Angela will meet her the next day, but she will treat it as a girls' trip and does not want to see Yazan.

42. She arrives

She arrives
Brittany and Yazan have some ... we'd be overly generous if we called it communication issues. Yazan knows when her flight gets in and expects her to go to him even though she has not been answering his calls. But no, she gets into a taxi.

43. Yazan is pissed

Yazan is pissed
Realizing that she avoided him on purpose, he calls himself an "idiot" for even showing up.

44. Angela arrives

Angela arrives
She very quickly brings a new and welcome perspective to this troubled relationship after Brittany explains the state of things.

45. What if there's an underlying issue Brittany isn't seeing?

What if there's an underlying issue Brittany isn't seeing?
Brittany replies to Angela's suggestion by saying that if Yazan is having issues but not communicating them to her, that's not her problem. That's not nice ... but she is right.

46. Brittany and Yazan fight AGAIN

Brittany and Yazan fight AGAIN
A Facetime call does not go smoothly for either of them, and Angela gets to see their fiery exchange firsthand.

47. Angela feels like she's walked into a "tornado"

Angela feels like she's walked into a "tornado"
She still wants to meet Yazan, but this trip to Jordan feels nothing at all like what she had imagined.

48. They go out in public, which is awkward

They go out in public, which is awkward
Brittany is dressed like a normal human being, but because her blouse ends in a V-neck, she gets looks and stares in public. One man yells at her that she is "haram" (sin), and Brittany fires back in Arabic that he is, in fact, the one who is haram. Even so, she acknowledges to the camera that she feels uncomfortable and now better understands why Yazan was concerned and wanted her to cover up in public places. Just because Jordan has influencers and women in bikinis doesn't mean that they're commonplace.

49. Speaking of things that Jordan has

Speaking of things that Jordan has
As we have been reminding readers all season long, alcohol is legal in Jordan. Only now, so late in the season, do the cameras show Brittany explain this. Public intoxication is frowned upon, but there are bars in Jordan -- and Brittany also explains that it's conservative families like Yazan's that disapprove, not the whole country. She and Angela go to one such bar.

50. And Brittany gets tipsy

And Brittany gets tipsy
She calls Yazan, and it's possible that he doesn't notice that she's drunk. Though they get off on the wrong foot, she cannot help smiling at him because she loves him. The two make plans to meet up. Brittany then expresses regret to Angela, because she had wanted to stay mad at him for a little longer after the way that he spoke to her.

51. Angela doesn't love this idea

Angela doesn't love this idea
She worries that she's going to be caught in a "crossfire" when Yazan realizes that Brittany has been drinking. Oh, what a mess, and she'll have a front row seat to the whole thing!

52. Next week

Jenny shares her tears and fears with Sumit's brother. Brittany and Angela get into the car with Yazan. Tim explains the situation to his mom. Kenneth and Armando face another homophobic setback on their quest to get married. Deavan's family arrives in Korea. And Ariela faces off with Biniyam's sisters, who are not mincing words when it comes to pushing for baby Avi to get baptised ... or else.

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