90 Day Fiance The Other Way Recap: Ariela's Baby Will Go to HELL!

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37. Janice puts things as delicately as she can

Janice puts things as delicately as she can
She tells them that they will need more space, period. More space for Aviel and frankly just for belongings. Most of Ariela's clothes aren't there yet, but baby supplies alone -- which Janice and Fred have brought with them -- will fill this apartment to the brim.

38. They talk about money

They talk about money
Janice and Fred are happy to help them out however they need, but they know that in the long-term, things have to change.

39. Right now ...

Right now ...
Biniyam admits that he is paid sporadically, and in varying sums. That is how many people live, be they freelance workers or reliant upon tips or maybe hours of retail work. But because he can be paid different amounts, it's hard to plan things or be financially stable, which is vital for being a parent. Biniyam is hoping to "make it big" as a performer, but until that happens, he may need to get a consistent, well-paying job.

40. Then, the dinner from hell

Then, the dinner from hell
Biniyam's sisters, Mimi and Wish, meet Fred for the first time. THey all sit down to eat, and Mimi and Wish have clearly soured dramatically on Ariela, as they view her desire to know where Biniyam is at all times to be "controlling" even though they have a newborn.

41. Also

Wish spills the beans that Ariela has once again given in to what Biniyam wants, which is to baptize Aviel in Orthodox Christianity.

42. Ariela explains herself

Ariela explains herself
She says that Biniyam came to her crying asking her to change her mind. (Is this what happened with the circumcision, too?) Ariela caved, and rationalizes it to herself by telling herself that it's just a little ceremony with some water.

43. Is it, though?

Is it, though?
Janice, who is Roman Catholic, reminds her that baptisms are more meaningful than that, and that she may be signing up her baby and herself for the long haul whether she acknowledges it or not. Fred is not easily shocked, but he is stunned that Ariela is going through with this ... which is of course why she hadn't told them. To the camera, away from the others, Ariela's parents say that they get the feeling that this was all external pressure.

44. Wish does not mince words

Wish does not mince words
"If you don't baptize, the baby goes straight to hell" may sound funny to many viewers, but she means it sincerely. In fact, she and Mimi seem downright indignant that Ariela would even consider not doing this. The religious differences really, truly should have been discussed in detail and resolved long before Ariela gave birth.

45. Stop bringing up hell!

Stop bringing up hell!
Ariela scolds them for mentioning eternal damnation and her baby in the same sentence, and reminds Biniyam that if she were to catch him talking like that around their son, she really would pack up and leave, at which point she gets compared to Biniyam's ex, which does not make her happy. Yikes!

46. Brittany Banks and Yazan Abo Horira

Brittany Banks and Yazan Abo Horira
Brittany had drunk-dialed Yazan to pick up her and her friend Angela, who -- having heard how the two of them talk to each other over the phone -- was understandably worried about how Yazan would react to picking up Brittany from a bar. Instead, Yazan was surprisingly nice, and even "fixed" her jacket closed.

47. Oh, he knew that she was drunk

Oh, he knew that she was drunk
He told the camera that, like the rest of us, he could tell from the smell and from her behavior, and explained that he was treating her like a child as a result. That's ... nice? Maybe they'd have a better, less toxic relationship if he always acted as if she were wasted?

48. They go to see his barbershop

They go to see his barbershop
Yazan, having been fired and kicked out of the house by his controlling father, is now working a couple of jobs, including cutting hair. Brittany tells him that the place is "cute" and the two are flirty. She even tries to cut his hair.

49. Seriously what is going on

Seriously what is going on
Angela says that Brittany and Yazan have done this total 180 and she cannot even begin to speculate what is going on in her friend's mind right now.

50. Brittany tests the waters

Brittany tests the waters
She asks Yazan if they can wait for a whole year before getting married, and he tells her "yes," and also that she does not have to convert. Even drunk, Brittany worries that he's just telling her what she wants to hear ... again.

51. The next day ...

The next day ...
Angela talks to Brittany, who is worried that Yazan was just being nice because he missed her, and she worries that he'll talk to his family again and then suddenly pressure her to transform into a different person.

52. Yazan shows Brittany his apartment

Yazan shows Brittany his apartment
There is even -- scandalously -- a bed for her. She asks about cuddling (and explains what it means), he replies that they can cuddle when they are married. Brittany tells the camera that she'd thought that his qualms about premarital sex (read: talking about it on camera) were only about his family, so she's surprised. (Fun fact: while most of the BS that Brittany has gone through are because of Yazan and his family, non-marital sex is -- unlike alcohol or low-cut tops -- illegal in Jordan, so Yazan is avoiding admitting to intent to commit a crime on camera)

53. He wants her to move in with him

He wants her to move in with him
Brittany likes the idea ... sort of ... but tells him that she's going to wait until his bathroom is fixed up before she takes him up on the offer.

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