90 Day Fiance: Ariela Weinberg is Taking the Baby to America!

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37. Meanwhile, Cassidy and Hannah bond

Meanwhile, Cassidy and Hannah bond
Kenneth's daughter, Cassidy, rides with Hannah, Armando's daughter, along with Armando's mother and sister, to go look for a dress. Hannah is going to be the flower girl at the wedding.

38. They also have a serious discussion

They also have a serious discussion
Armando's family explains that they love Armando but they remember his (miserable, ill fated) marriage to a woman so vividly, so it takes some time to adjust, and might take Armando's dad a little longer.

39. Cassidy understands

Cassidy understands
She's so invested in her father and Armando's happiness that she does tear up as she tries to talk about it, explaining that -- for obvious reasons -- she's never really spent time around people who aren't wholeheartedly accepting of her family.

40. They understand

They understand
They're getting there. Armando's sister also makes a very poor analogy but Cassidy lets it slide, which is for the best.

41. They like meeting Cassidy, though

They like meeting Cassidy, though
They even tell her that they hope that Kenneth and Armando will raise Hannah just as well as Kenneth raised Cassidy. Cassidy says that it will be better -- since Kenneth's already done this four times with his four kids.

42. It's time for goodbyes

It's time for goodbyes
Armando Sr., Armando's dad, also presents Cassidy with a necklace as a gift. That was a genuinely sweet gesture for a guest who is, very soon, going to be part of your extended family.

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