90 Day Fiance Tell All Part 2 Recap: DID Mike Youngquist Cheat on Natalie Mordovtseva After All?

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37. There's some confusion here

There's some confusion here
Julia, following a comment by Natalie, asks for clarification -- is Minty a friend, or is she Tarik's former lover? (The answer of course is both)

38. Yara explains the core concept

Yara explains the core concept
The idea here is that the three of them all have sex with each other, because all three would be in a relationship ... though in their case, only for like a day or two.

39. Julia was bewildered

Julia was bewildered
It's easy to think "how in the world does a 26-year-old woman find that shocking," especially given that Julia has worked in clubs before. Some cultures here in the US see threesomes as normal milestones in life, others as rare treats, others as unthinkable, but to Julia, it sounds like a foreign concept. The reason may be rooted in her Russian origins. Russia is unfortunately deeply, deeply homophobic. It's not just government officials and it's not just citizenry, it's both. That doesn't mean that Julia herself is homophobic, but people from extremely bigoted cultures may have less awareness about sexual matters. (It's doubly sad, because before Peter the Great, Russia was literally the most LGBT-friendly country in Europe)

40. Actually, that's not quite how it worked out

Actually, that's not quite how it worked out
They explain that they never got a chance to take things to that level, because Hazel decided to end the throuple before they took that step. That's new info, actually.

41. Yara is so good

Yara is so good
Additionally, Tarik emphasizes that polyamory is not all about threesomes and sex -- it's about having enough love for more than one person.

42. "Different strokes for different folks"

"Different strokes for different folks"
Shaun very diplomatically has a live and let live attitude.

43. Julia, why?

Julia, why?
Julia is once again visibly judgmental about other people's lives. Last week it was about cosmetic surgery. This week it's about polyamory. NEVER have I had my opinion of someone change so negatively at the Tell All. Julia was my favorite all season before this.

44. Now to Mike and Natalie

Now to Mike and Natalie
We are treated to a painful repeat of Natalie's accusations that Mike cheated, first aired at the previous season's Tell All and again repeated during this season. Natalie looks ashamed, and she should. As you may recall, she was convinced that Mike boned his friend, Sarah, right before her wedding ... when he visited her to be her best man at her wedding.

45. Sarah can speak for herself

Sarah can speak for herself
Before they delve into the allegations, Sarah says that she from a very early point in Mike's relationship didn't see it working out, because Mike is a fun, playful person and Natalie is very serious. That's true, though it's always possible that Sarah hasn't seen Natalie's playful side for ... a lot of reasons.

46. Natalie admits that it was projection

Natalie admits that it was projection
She doesn't quite have the English to say it plainly, saying that she "had a fear," but she acknowledges projecting that fear onto Mike and Sarah.

47. As for what happened

As for what happened
Sarah notes that a bunch of people stayed at her house. It was the plan that her husband-to-be would be there, but he didn't end up being there that night, but a bunch of other people were. She also announced that she was going to shower to everyone in the house, common courtesy when you're the only host and someone might need something (I can confirm that I absolutely do this, despite the sorry state of my hair before showers). And, for what it's worth, Sarah doesn't remember Mike being "half-naked" or whatever as Natalie claimed.

48. This next part is painful

This next part is painful
Yara and Rebecca and Julia all chime in with the same bizarre thought -- that they don't love the idea of their husbands having close relationships with women. Yara, at least, acknowledges that hers is a personal preference, not a universal truth.

49. Oh, Rebecca

Oh, Rebecca
Rebecca's insecurities have gotten the better of her more than once. It's no surprise that the woman who responded to an offer to loan Zied a moving truck as if it were a game of footsie under the table would not be happy if Zied had a bunch of close female friends. I'm so sorry that Rebecca feels this way but she needs to realize that this is her issue and see, like, a therapist.


Julia basically thinks that men and women can't be friends, or at least that's how she presents it at the Tell All. Honestly, this reminds me of that Tumblr post from years ago making fun of this kind of thinking, where the conclusion of the post is the joke that "bisexuals have no friends. there is only prey" followed by a series of velociraptor noises. A goofy post, but the crux of it is that countless people manage friendships with one or more genders to which they are attracted just fine, and the people who think that this is impossible are just being weird.

51. Sarah had more to say, however

Sarah had more to say, however
Sarah delved into her first "meeting" with Natalie being after that nothingburger of a sleepover. She was going to pick up her wedding cake, Mike Facetimes with Natalie, and introduced the two of them. According to Sarah, Natalie asked her "Are all American women whores, or just you?" It sounds like things got progressively worse from there.

52. Natalie denies that question

Natalie denies that question
However, she does acknowledge that they both said a lot of nasty things to each other with escalating volume before Mike took the phone and turned it off.

53. Here's how Natalie remembers it

Here's how Natalie remembers it
At the time overwhelmed with the idea that Mike must have cheated with this woman, she was trying to interrogate Sarah. That's how she remembers it.

54. The end!

The end!
A lot of things were not resolved, but may be by the end of Happily Ever After? Season 6, which starts in a week. And it was sweet to see Yara and Julia hug after the Tell All, even if Julia's Tell All appearance was such a crushing disappointment for her fans.

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