90 Day Fiance Recap: Yara Zaya Doesn't Want a Trailer Park Wedding

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37. They go to a restaurant and meet with Uncle Beau

They go to a restaurant and meet with Uncle Beau
Uncle Beau is the guy who has effectively been kicked out of the house for Natalie's comfort, but they are cordial with each other. Of course, it's unclear how much she knows of Uncle Beau (actually Mike's cousin) and his extensive criminal history. Nobody cares about the substance-related charges or the illegal fishing, but multiple arrests for domestic violence and assault ... that's serious, and TLC is once again giving airtime to someone without telling the audience vital information about them.

38. Natalie doesn't seem to know any of this

Natalie doesn't seem to know any of this
She inexplicably praises Beau's sense of style and his manner, which sounds like either a joke that doesn't translate to her tone, or like she's just being super nice to be nice to Mike.

39. The waiter is a little flirty

The waiter is a little flirty
Natalie realizes that she's unsure of how to introduce herself. She has a K-1 visa, but is she really Mike's fiancee if he hasn't given her the ring back yet?

40. Time to get "scary"

Time to get "scary"
You know when you're driving somewhere and you take a back road and you find yourself in a spooky nowhere-town and you know that you need to leave ASAP? Well, Natalie's going to go live in a remote house in the middle of nowhere, and it's spooky. The road on the way is scary, and she says that the house is like something from a horror movie. It's also cold and untidy. Untidy, sure. It may be that she's just a tiny person and gauges what is "hot" and "cold" differently than Mike.

41. Natalie is feeling a lot of things

Natalie is feeling a lot of things
She doesn't even have the ring back yet and she's just moved across the world to live alone with Mike. As always, moving is overwhelming, so it's normal to feel overwhelmed.

42. She tears up

She tears up
Mike seems like a really nice guy, but that doesn't mean that Natalie is sure that this is the future that she wants. As always, love and compatibility are very different things.

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