90 Day Fiance Recap: Stephanie Davison Boned Ryan Carr's Cousin!

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37. Natalie has some reviews of Michael's home

Natalie has some reviews of Michael's home
She laments that it is "always cold." The heat is clearly on, so this may be an issue of insulation during winter in a very cold part of the country. It is always, always important for anyone moving in together to discuss comfortable temperatures and thermostat settings beforehand.

38. Natalie tries the french toast, but ...

Natalie tries the french toast, but ...
She doesn't like it, lamenting that it is "not healthy." Natalie stresses that she keeps to an extremely healthy diet. To demonstrate, she throws away the small serving of tasty food and begins peeling carrots. I am ... heartbroken and instantly suspicious that she suffers from disordered eating. "I like healthy food" and "I cannot eat even one breakfast of french toast and must instead eat raw carrots" are very, VERY different statements.

39. On the plus side ...

On the plus side ...
The woods, Natalie observes, look less terrifying in the daylight. That's good, because when she asks where the woods "end," Mike replies that they do not. They're everywhere.

40. Mike threatens to take her fishing

Mike threatens to take her fishing
We're sure that he meant well, but when Mike "offered" to take Natalie fishing for rainbow trout when it got warmer, alarm bells went off in our heads. Sure enough, Natalie begs to not be made to go fishing, which is very relatable of her.

41. Of course, there's really nothing else to do

Of course, there's really nothing else to do
They go into town, and it looks like the setting of one of those small town shows -- it's just a main street and nothing else. Natalie seems like she didn't understand how remote Mike's house was until now.

42. There's one thing that she wants to do

There's one thing that she wants to do
However, the "famous waterfall" that she wants to see is about three hours away, so Mike says that they can do it next weekend, as he has to work during the week. Natalie doesn't take it very well and worries that he should be prioritizing her, but Mike comforts her and acknowledges that she's still processing her move. To her, he emphasizes that they should communicate and he wants her to be happy.

43. Natalie has a question

Natalie has a question
She says that it will take her two hours to unpack and maybe a day to clean the house ... and asks what she will do with the rest of her time while he works this week. Our question is ... what does she normally do? Maybe American TV would be an adjustment (though she is fairly fluent), but does she read? Spend time on social media? Play video games? It's normal for people to entertain themselves at home. Rebecca bought Zied a game system for just this reason; did Mike and Natalie not think about this?

44. Andrew Kenton and Amira Lollysa

Andrew Kenton and Amira Lollysa
French beauty Amira explains that Andrew is impatient for her arrival and terrified that her visa will run out if she does not hurry up and go through with their flawed "to the US via Mexico" plan amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

45. Amira boards her flight

Amira boards her flight
The plan is that the two of them will self-quarantine in a beach house for two weeks to get around the US ban on anyone coming into the US from Europe. This was back in June (MONTHS too late for a ban on European travel to do any good).

46. Amira is unsure

Amira is unsure
For those of us who skipped holidays and birthday with friends and family this year (anyone else spend last Friday alone?), it's unthinkable to imagine flying between continents at any point during this pandemic, but apparently Amira and Andrew were prepared to risk it all for love.

47. Andrew is traveling down to meet her

Andrew is traveling down to meet her
He tells his mother that he'll return safe and sound and COVID-free. Honestly, the beach house shelter-in-place sounds like a cozy plan if it's air conditioned (Puerto Vallarta gets up into the 90s in June, and Amira is from France, where she might expect 70 degree temperatures) ... if everything goes according to plan.

48. Everything did not go according to plan, of course

Everything did not go according to plan, of course
Amira was seized and taken to detention in Mexico City when she arrived and was unable to meet up with Andrew. He scrambles to understand why this has happened.

49. He tries everything

He tries everything
The French embassy is closed and he's sort of at a loss, grappling with how frightened and upset Amira must be.

50. He feels for her

He feels for her
Unable to resolve this immediately himself or by contacting any authorities, he spends the night in the hotel alone.

51. Jovi Dufren and Yara Zaya

Jovi Dufren and Yara Zaya
If you look at their happiness levels and their varying looks in this photo, it really says it all about their relationship. Jovi looks like he's hanging out with some friends but may have a semi-casual work event. Yara is dressed like she plans to either seduce or murder James Bond and she's not sure which.

52. "Reading a book?"

"Reading a book?"
Yara comes into the room and laughs, not because Jovi is reading, but because it's such an obviously staged moment of Jovi reading as the cameras start rolling and she cannot help but comment.

53. She wants new dishes

She wants new dishes
Plastic champagne flutes aside, Yara feels that even Jovi's "nice" bowls and plates are depressing.

54. That's not all that needs to change

That's not all that needs to change
Yara says that Jovi picked out ugly furniture. Honestly, I think that his couch looks fine, but yeah, there are definitely some issues with his apartment that keep it from being "their" apartment just yet.

55. Yara also needs a mirror

Yara also needs a mirror
Jovi didn't think to get a full-length mirror, because that's not something that he would use, but Yara would. They go furniture shopping, and the sales clerk knows exactly what Yara's tastes are within minutes. She's good at her job.

56. Yara also wants a table

Yara also wants a table
It's not clear which one she means, but like so many of us, she is a little taken in by how gorgeous so much of the furniture there is.

57. Best line of the night

Best line of the night
"Hard to say that he has really good taste," Yara begins while Jovi sits right beside her.

58. And BOOM

"He has swamp taste," Yara accuses, prompting an amused smile from Jovi.

59. She also has issues with the apartment itself

She also has issues with the apartment itself
As we have pointed out, it really does seem to be designed for one person to live comfortably and get laid, and to not really be designed for a couple -- even though of course two people *can* live there. As the clerk explains, however, that apartment is in a very nice part of New Orleans (despite it being called the Warehouse District) and they are unlikely to find something nicer.

60. They argue over a rug

They argue over a rug
When Jovi counters that he doesn't want it, he says that he doesn't want it "in MY apartment," which has Yara unhappy. Neither of them should have unilateral say over the rug but both of them want it.

61. They leave empty-handed

They leave empty-handed
Even the clerk acknowledged that Jovi was "snippy" while shopping (real talk: he was like a sulky 8-year-old bored out of his mind), but Yara was demanding too, and now they're both unhappy.

62. Yara calls out Jovi

Yara calls out Jovi
She tells him that if he tells her "my apartment" again, it WILL be his apartment because she will go. That's a fair boundary to set.

63. But she does want new furniture

But she does want new furniture
Remember the broken piece of furniture that was just sitting in the living room when Yara arrived? Jovi's decoration sensibilities need some work.

64. They do kiss and make up

They do kiss and make up
These two are fundamentally different people, but somehow they're making it work ... for now.

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