90 Day Fiance Recap: Is Brandon Gibbs Losing Interest in Marrying Julia Trubkina?

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37. "You do the mistake again"

"You do the mistake again"
It's the same mistake again, as her father is quick to remind her, and now he thinks even less of Andrew than he did before.

38. And where was Andrew while Amira was detained?

And where was Andrew while Amira was detained?
During the most traumatic ordeal of Amira's life, Andrew stayed at the resort in Puerto Vallarta instead of traveling in person to Mexico City to see if he could help.

39. Amira and Andrew chatted with an attorney

Amira and Andrew chatted with an attorney
The attorney told them that, in theory, their Serbia plan should work. There was also a discussion about making sure that Amira's visa is up to date (even reissued) to prevent whatever weirdness happened in Mexico City from happening again.

40. Amira worries that Andrew will resent her

Amira worries that Andrew will resent her
Andrew turns the tables on her, complaining about him being “stuck in this place of frustration” with her “blaming” him. Andrew then says: “I hope that you’ll contact me with some sort of resolution."

41. Rebecca Parrott and Zied Hakimi

Rebecca Parrott and Zied Hakimi
Zied is still getting used to life in America, which mostly means life in Rebecca's apartment because she's spending time at work. He's getting used to new things. It's all part of the process.

42. COVID has hit

COVID has hit
Zied notes that Rebecca is actually working even more than before now that the COVID-19 pandemic is making its presence known.

43. We see some of that

We see some of that
It's so weird to think back to this time when so few people were wearing masks, even indoors, and it wasn't about them being brainrotten contrarians, but the mask recommendation wasn't in place yet. But Rebecca was an essential worker and she continued to work through it, like millions of others, putting herself in harm's way to keep America fed.

44. She and Zied got away from it all

She and Zied got away from it all
Rebecca had a surprise for Zied, a romantic trip to a cabin, one featuring an actual carriage ride. This is a really sweet gesture.

45. En route, they talk wedding plans

En route, they talk wedding plans
Like Brandon and Julia, they've realized that COVID-19 is going to impact their nuptials. Zied has a very pragmatic approach to this, the idea of having a courthouse wedding for legal reasons. It's a pandemic, after all. Rebecca is put off that Zied can accept that so easily, as the idea of a real wedding was so appealing to her.

46. They keep talking at the cabin

They keep talking at the cabin
Zied recognizes that the coronavirus is a special situation, but it's not like they can wait out the pandemic (even countries with competent federal governments that cared about their citizens didn't have things under control within those first few months), so they should just take the L and get married as circumstances allow.

47. Then he drops a bombshell

Then he drops a bombshell
It's one thing to know about the holy month of Ramadan and be like "oh yeah, that's when some of my friends can't come to brunch." It's another to make wedding plans and realize "oh, we can't marry during this month. In 2020, Ramadan began in the second half of April and ended a month later, in May. So Rebecca and Zied need to marry before then, as Zied has "never heard" of someone marrying during Ramadan.

48. Rebecca does not like hearing that

Rebecca does not like hearing that
First, Zied should have communicated this to her months earlier. At this point, we're unsure if this was actually a bombshell or if they just agreed to have this fight to keep things interesting, but it feels real enough. Rebecca wants her dream wedding ... even if it's technically her fourth ... and it looks like this is a contentious issue for these two.

49. Tarik Myers and Hazel Cagalitan

Tarik Myers and Hazel Cagalitan
They have some sweet moments, including helping Tarik's daughter with her homework as a family. It's so good!

50. Meanwhile ...

Meanwhile ...
Tarik and Hazel have spent time during lockdown cautiously continuing their quest to find a girlfriend ... and like 50% of the women they see are obvious catfishes.

51. Hazel doesn't just want a hookup

Hazel doesn't just want a hookup
As with anyone looking for a relationship, she wants companionship. She and Tarik were lucky enough to find each other. It will take even more luck and work to find their girlfriend.

52. Hazel has a definite wishlist

Hazel has a definite wishlist
The weirdest part of it is that she doesn't want their girlfriend to be from Thailand, but that makes sense given their history. Tarik speaks some Thai, Hazel does not want to feel like a third wheel as she did with Minty.

53. For some reason, they decide to video chat with Minty

For some reason, they decide to video chat with Minty
It's ostensibly Tarik's idea, okayed by Hazel to test his feelings, but this feels like the heavy hand of production asking them to do something interesting during lockdown.

54. But, sure, let's pretend it's legit

But, sure, let's pretend it's legit
Hazel reluctantly agrees to chat with her erstwhile girlfriend ... her and Tarik's mutual ex, Minty.

55. Minty appears

Minty appears
Hazel isn't especially interested in speaking to her. The alleged topic of conversation here is Minty helping them to find a girlfriend, but it's very complicated.

56. Hazel is very uncertain

Hazel is very uncertain
And Minty suggests that Hazel will be jealous no matter whom they find. She could be right, after all. Just like monogamy is not for everyone, polyamory isn't for everyone, either.

57. Hazel has lingering doubts

Hazel has lingering doubts
She and Tarik will probably have an easier time after they can finally date and move on with their lives as a couple. That's when they can find out if their pick for a girlfriend is right for them, and if they are both mature enough to handle it.

58. Stephanie Davison

Stephanie Davison
No more Ryan! 48 hours after she touched down in Belize, she and Ryan Carr are over, officially.

59. Her heart is broken

Her heart is broken
Grimly, their relationship ended with accusations of a sexual assault -- Ryan not wearing a condom without Stephanie's consent after faking putting one on in bed. Ryan did not even bother to deny it.

60. It's SO over

It's SO over
Her attempts to stomp the heart-shaped balloon proving futile, Stephanie then stabs the balloon. It's good to get a cathartic release after trauma.

61. However ...

However ...
Stephanie doesn't want to spend the remaining few days of her vacation alone, so she calls her "friend" Harris ... who is Ryan's cousin, and someone with whom she has had sex in the past. Harris takes a 6-hour trip to come be with her, and viewers are immediately suspicious of his intentions.

62. Harris to the rescue?

Harris to the rescue?
Harris reassures Stephanie that he's there for her, tells her that he always knew that Ryan was bad news, and more. Where ... where is this going?

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