90 Day Fiance Recap: Brandon Gibbs Wins Julia's Freedom! (For Now)

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37. Natalie gets relatable

Natalie gets relatable
I haven't vibed with Natalie like this since she responded to Mike's offer (threat) to take her fishing with "do I have to?"

38. So there's some silent treatment on the road

So there's some silent treatment on the road
The hike itself seems to go well, but Mike still has his doubts. He wants to use this time to bond with Natalie, but ... he's plagued by uncertainty.

39. Natalie just took a huge step

Natalie just took a huge step
She has finally unpacked her belongings, putting her clothes in the closet. And it only took an entire month!

40. But ...

But ...
They're on totally different pages when it comes to wedding planning and their future together, and their fundamental differences seem difficult to fix. Mike needs to TELL Natalie exactly why he's dragging his feet with wedding plans, though.

41. Rebecca Parrott and Zied Hakimi

Rebecca Parrott and Zied Hakimi
The two of them are still settling into Rebecca's mostly vacant apartment. (Not to be mean, but ... she does have furniture in storage, so why haven't they gone to get it?)

42. Her friend Melanie comes to get it

Her friend Melanie comes to get it
She tells the camera bluntly that she's there to ask the hard questions. (Honestly? I almost think that Melanie was doing this as a favor to Rebecca, because the more dramatic your storyline is, the more likely you are to get picked up for a new season or spinoff)

43. Melanie does not hold back

Melanie does not hold back
She starts pointing out similarity after similarity between Zied and Rebecca's abusive ex, who was a Moroccan man. Melanie is expressing some of the same fears that Rebecca's daughter has, but much more bluntly.

44. Rebecca speaks up

Rebecca speaks up
Well, sort of. She all but mumbles that Zied is a dramatically different man than her ex (which is true).

45. Ma'am ...

Ma'am ...
Melanie points out that Rebecca lived right down the hall from this room ... with her ex.

46. This is news to Zied

This is news to Zied
He says that this makes him "jealous" and claims that any man in the world would feel that way. (Maybe i'm just too far removed from this, but it's not clear why -- he knows that she has an ex. Plenty of people live in houses where the person's ex lives, and this isn't even that situation -- different rooms in the same building)

47. Rebecca cries

Rebecca cries
It was an emotional ordeal to be confronted with all of these, well, doubts and concerns. Zied comforts her.

48. But Zied is clearly rattled

But Zied is clearly rattled
Also, does this apartment building allow you to smoke in it? It's not 1983. The smoking population in Tunisia is several times that of the United States (by percentage), so maybe he thinks that it's normal.

49. Stephanie Davison and Ryan Carr

Stephanie Davison and Ryan Carr
Stephanie and Ryan have just spent their first night together after being apart for TEN MONTHS.

50. There was NO boning?

There was NO boning?
Stephanie had been bragging about Ryan laying pipe four times a night, six nights in a row, but this morning we learn that there was none of that the night before.

51. Ryan explains

Ryan explains
He says that Stephanie had been feeling unwell so he figured that she'd feel more comfortable if they took that night off. She counters that at this point it's about bonding, and she'd have been fine with a quick 3-minute bang. GIRL.

52. Confession time

Confession time
Tears in her eyes, Stephanie confesses to Ryan what she's feared admitting the entire time -- after that time that she and Ryan temporarily broke up after he was texting three different girls, she boned his cousin, Harris.

53. "I already knew it"

"I already knew it"
It turns out that Ryan has known Stephanie's big shame the literal entire time. Either he really loves her enough to forgive her or ... dating her is way more important to him than expressing his feelings.

54. WHAT?

This has been stressing out Stephanie for months or even years, and Ryan's just casually like "yeah I know babe."

55. He's done with Harris

He's done with Harris
Ryan says that he is no longer on speaking terms with Harris, that he learned about this from his many friends who work at that hotel who saw Harris slip in and out (of Stephanie's room).

56. Ryan says the right things

Ryan says the right things
"You're my woman. I love and forgive you," he assures Stephanie. Something tells us that this is not the end of their drama.

57. Tarik Myers and Hazel Cagalitan

Tarik Myers and Hazel Cagalitan
Tarik and Hazel get the notification in March of 2020 -- the governor wisely issued a lockdown order for the state.

58. That put filming on pause

That put filming on pause
The production crew went home ... but was able to return sooner than you might think.

59. Two weeks later ...

Two weeks later ...
COVID-19 had barely begun to ravage our nation, but we already see Tarik and Hazel at home, though some of this at least was filmed themselves.

60. They're trying to date!

They're trying to date!
Obviously, they won't be dating in person for a while, but Tarik has made a dating profile for them to find a woman online. You want to talk with someone before you meet up, especially if you're looking for a relationship and not a hookup.

61. Hazel is battling insecurities

Hazel is battling insecurities
She worries that they won't find a woman who likes her "for real." Tarik lovingly assures her that they will, because she is very lovable.

62. Hazel explains her backstory

Hazel explains her backstory
As a child, she knew that she liked guys and girls, but she didn't know the label "bisexual" or anything like that. (This is why representation is so important, folks -- so many people go years or even decades without knowing that there's a label for who they are and that they are not alone)

63. Sadly, her parents are bigots

Sadly, her parents are bigots
Hazel details how she had to hide her identity in the Philippines, only dating men and denying part of herself.

64. She can't come out to her family

She can't come out to her family
Hazel says that she got a grim preview of how that would go, as one of her sisters is also bisexual.

65. Her parents treat the sister with scorn and rejection

Her parents treat the sister with scorn and rejection
Hazel is afraid of rejection from her family. Bigots are not worth knowing, but everyone has to make their own choices about coming out to their family.

66. Poor Hazel

Poor Hazel
Now, however, things are different, because she is with Tarik.

67. Hazel is free to be herself

Hazel is free to be herself
She is excited to be polyamorous and have a girlfriend, though she is a little worried that jealousy could again be a problem (just like monogamy, polyamory isn't for everyone). But she emphasizes that her relationship with Tarik is the most important.

68. Tarik made the profile

Tarik made the profile
He makes a "come to papa" joke but also assures fans with a disclaimer that he's going to hide their dating life from his daughter. There was never any real doubt of this among reasonable fans, but some unreasonable fans sure had a lot to say about it, so it's good that TLC aired his clarification.

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