90 Day Fiance: Julia Trubkina Tells Brandon Gibbs' Parents to F--k Off

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Rebecca's duvet cover (I think? or is it just a blanket?) is covered with a photo of her and Zied. This is a dazzling strategy of stirring up viewer attention without causing any problems in her relationship, which is SO smart. All that she has to do is sacrifice her dignity.

38. She and Zied speak

She and Zied speak
Zied isn't sure about how his meeting went and he says that they "took his passport." Well, Rebecca acts like this is cause for concern, but it's not. If you're rejected, they give you a rejection notice and send you on your way. If they take your passport, it means that they're approving your visa. Either Zied didn't understand or TLC is playing games with the storyline to keep viewers hanging, as if we don't already know from the trailers that he comes to the US.

39. Mike Youngquist and Natalie Mordovtseva

Mike Youngquist and Natalie Mordovtseva
Without even having arrived in the US yet, Natalie has managed to convince Mike to (temporarily) evict Uncle Beaux (or Bo?) from his home. Mike is giving his uncle a place to stay while he gets back on his feet, but Natalie is uncomfortable sharing a house with a "stranger." It's understandable, but, like, he lives there?

40. He's not going to be homeless

He's not going to be homeless
Our impression is either that Mike has rented him a place temporarily or that a friend or relative is giving him a place to crash for a few weeks. Mike is super apologetic about it.

41. His uncle has been with a lot of women, apparently

His uncle has been with a lot of women, apparently
He tells the camera that women, he has learned, are "unpredictable" so he has no idea how things will go with Mike and Natalie.

42. Meanwhile, in Ukraine

Meanwhile, in Ukraine
Natalie is so excited that her visa has been approved, but she is admittedly nervous to leave Ukraine, especially her mother. She says that her mother's heart cannot be wrong, and her mother likes Mike, so she feels like this is right despite her doubts.

43. Yes, she and Mike had many low points

Yes, she and Mike had many low points
It sounds like the sunk cost fallacy is once again at play, where someone feels like the time invested in a relationship would be wasted if they didn't keep trying to make it work. Gamblers tell themselves the same thing when they've gambled away a month's rent money but feel like they need to keep going to make their loss worthwhile.

44. It's a beautiful reunion!

It's a beautiful reunion!
Mike by his own admission doesn't know what to expect, especially since Natalie had given him back his ring last time. But she runs up to embrace him.

45. It's really sweet, actually

It's really sweet, actually
We already know that these two end up in a really miserable, ugly place later this season ... but for now, their reunion is very touching.

46. Uh-oh, the flowers

Uh-oh, the flowers
Mike gives Natalie flowers, a bouquet of roses, which is very sweet. But for whatever reason, even while cradling them like a newborn, Natalie comments on the color of the flowers. Once at the airport and once in the car.

47. She didn't like the flowers

She didn't like the flowers
Lots of people have their quirks. Also, flowers are supposed to be their own "language," which is goofy because it's a language that not everyone speaks, so maybe Natalie felt like these flowers were "friend" flowers or something and that RED roses would be appropriate for a fiancee. Ma'am, Mike is not trying to send you secret signals with a bouquet, he saw them and thought that they looked nice and bought them for you.

48. The hotel, however, is a hit

The hotel, however, is a hit
THIS is the kind of thing that would have blown Yara Zaya's socks off if Jovi had readied a place like this for her. Probably not a fair expectation, of course, but Mike did pull out all of the stops for Natalie when it came to finding a hotel in Seattle. Again showing more wisdom than some of his castmates (sorry, Jovi), he knew that Natalie would want to sleep in a nice place upon arriving instead of topping off a long flight with a long drive.

49. It's a fresh start

It's a fresh start
Natalie and Mike enjoy their food while she declares that she is so hopeful for the future. Oh, dear.

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