90 Day Fiance Happily Ever After Tell All: Colt Johnson Loves to F--k!

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37. WOW

Michael and Angela apparently boned 38 times in two weeks, which has just about everyone doing mental math really quickly. (That's an average, of, like, 2.7 times per day, which is not outlandish, but it's a lot more like what you'd do on spring break with your partner in college and not what you expect when one member of the couple is a grandmother)

38. Shaun brings up The Topic

Shaun brings up The Topic
She asks about their plans to have another child, since Angela learned that she cannot have a child safely. Michael is still hoping to have a kid.

39. Angela longs to tote it

Angela longs to tote it
She says that Skyla, her adult daughter (not the one convicted of child-molestation) needs to donate an egg to the cause.

40. LOL, no

LOL, no
Skyla tunes in from the other room and says that she's not offering up her egg. It would be weird for her to be both the mother and sister of someone.

41. Michael wants a kid

Michael wants a kid
It's apparently very important in his culture to become a father. To be fair, that's important in many cultures, though many people change cultural norms and live their best lives instead of living by other people's expectations.

42. Aunt Lydia chimes in

Aunt Lydia chimes in
Honesly, the fact that she's Michael's aunt and her name is Lydia is almost too on-the-nose of a Handmaid's Tale reference, especially when she starts harping on the topic of reproduction. She suggests that Michael should just knock up another woman.

43. That's a STRONG no from Angela

That's a STRONG no from Angela
Angela slams her hand on her desk so hard that the camera starts pointing at the ceiling and yells "I don't want to hear this s--t no f--king more." Her response may be over-the-top, but her anger itself is justified.

44. Next!

We don't have long at all to wait for Part 3 of the Tell All special, and here is the preview.

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