90 Day Fiance: Mike Youngquist EXPLODES After Natalie Mordovtseva Complains

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37. Brandon is right

Brandon is right
Julia's dance is not what anyone was expecting because, well, it's how you'd dance in a skimpy outfit at a nightclub, not how you'd dance as a fitness instructor.

38. Also, Julia would need qualifications

Also, Julia would need qualifications
You have to be certified to be a dance instructor, which blows Julia away -- it's not, she reasons, like she's trying to go into a medical field. She is eager to be able to work and earn money, but there's a lot of red tape in her way even though she now has a visa that allows her to work.

39. Elizabeth Potthast and Andrei Castravet

Elizabeth Potthast and Andrei Castravet
Apparently not only is Andrei clashing with Becky, but he is blaming the Potthast family for getting lost despite the GPS. Anyway, last time, he ordered Becky to get off of the bus and go talk with him after she called him out for manipulating her dad.

40. Chuck weighs in

Chuck weighs in
After protesting that they're both adults and don't need him to referee, Chuck goes out and reminds everyone that this whole trip is supposed to be, you know, a bonding activity. He also vows that there will be no more work talk.

41. Andrei agrees

Andrei agrees
After the disastrous conflict on the boat turned physical, everyone is dreading a repeat of that (which is foreshadowing ... but not of this episode)

42. They stop at an AirBnB in North Carolina

They stop at an AirBnB in North Carolina
Having reached a halfway point on their trip, they spend the night at a rented house. While it's horrifying that entire houses are rented on AirBnB and thus further inflates housing prices and contributes to the housing crisis, it's a nice place. Clearly, the ONE thing that everyone on the RV can agree upon is that they all hate being stuck in an RV together.

43. Oh no!

Oh no!
We then hear the aftermath of something that happened off-camera and before the arrival of producers the next morning.

44. Ellie fell

Ellie fell
Ellie was climbing the stairs alone and began to fall backwards. Libby caught her daughter, so Ellie is okay, but it was scary. The real issue is that Andrei was supposed to be watching her and just went to go use the bathroom, leaving Ellie unsupervised.

45. Fortunately, Ellie was okay

Fortunately, Ellie was okay
Jenn does give Libby some genuinely good parenting advice, which is to remind her that sometimes your child will look to you for how to respond to something, so if you're calm and say "whoops! don't worry; mommy's got you," your kid won't worry as much as if their mom is visibly upset.

46. Jovi Dufren and Yara Zaya

Jovi Dufren and Yara Zaya
Yara is staying with Gwen, easily one of if not THE best mother-in-laws to ever appear on the franchise.

47. Gwen is loving the grandma time

Gwen is loving the grandma time
She and baby Mylah are so cute together. Also when Yara is holding Mylah to her chest, Mylah and Gwen are about at eye height with each other.

48. Jovi has been out of the country for two months

Jovi has been out of the country for two months
Meanwhile, Yara has been COVID-free for two weeks.

49. Gwen has helped her out a lot

Gwen has helped her out a lot
And Yara is deeply, vocally grateful to Gwen. They have an amazing bond.

50. Jovi has bad news

Jovi has bad news
He calls Yara and shares that he won't be back for a few more weeks ... until December 26, most likely.

51. Why???

Jovi's extremely specialized job involves a lot of world travel and diving. COVID-19 means adding weeks to the schedule, and also rearranging when and where repairs are made. We can only guess at the logistics behind the changes to his schedule, but the pandemic has clearly thrown everyone for a loop. This means that Yara has to choose their new home herself. That's fair, since Jovi chose their current one himself.

52. Gwen does not blame her at all

Gwen does not blame her at all
She says that Yara is probably making the right call for herself and for Mylah, but notes that Jovi is accustomed to city living ... and this will be a major adjustment.

53. Gwen and Barbara show up to help

Gwen and Barbara show up to help
Things are packed up, of course, and Yara hired professional movers, but Gwen and Barbara help to drive Yara and Mylah and to load up the car.

54. It's a long drive

It's a long drive
Yara picked a new home 45 minutes outside of the city, which Jovi is not going to like.

55. It's a family-oriented suburban community

It's a family-oriented suburban community
This means, of course, that Yara does not expect for anyone to vomit onto her shoes, something that she experienced very early into her New Orleans residency. She wants Mylah to feel safe, and she wants to feel safe.

56. Gwen Eymard and Barbara show up to help Yara Zaya move

Gwen Eymard and Barbara show up to help Yara Zaya move

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