90 Day Fiance Happily Ever After: Control Freaks and Drama Kings Reign!

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37. Well, Andrei is planning things

Well, Andrei is planning things
We guess that since Chuck is forking the bill, Andrei will spare no expense.

38. They chat with Andrei's parents

They chat with Andrei's parents
By all accounts, Andrei's dad is a great guy who made a good impression upon viewers last time, so it's unclear of how Andrei got to be the ogre that he is.

39. Elizabeth has concerns

Elizabeth has concerns
How will her sisters navigate Moldova, where they have never been? They themselves asked Elizabeth these questions and more. Andrei brushes off these concerns, saying that her sisters have money and can simply hire translators.

40. He is missing the point

He is missing the point
Elizabeth explains that she knows that Andrei and her sisters do not like each other, but that she hopes that this can be an opportunity for change.

41. This is her dream:

This is her dream:
Elizabeth hopes that the trip to Moldova could be a time for her sisters to bond with Andrei. She has this fantasy of him showing them around, pointing out places with his big muscley arms. As it turns out, having babies themselves, they cannot come at all given the time that Andrei has chosen for the trip. And they worry that Andrei did this deliberately.

42. Also

Elizabeth needs a new wedding dress for her Moldovan wedding, and it has to be almost comically modest. Seriously, she can't even be sleeveless. She ends up wearing a faux fur cover-up, which her family is polite enough to praise instead of pointing out that it looks like bad Game of Thrones cosplay.

43. Elizabeth's mom speaks

Elizabeth's mom speaks
Pamela has real concerns that Elizabeth is bending over backwards for Andrei, who refuses to even get a job working for her dad despite him begging him to take it, to the point where she is not being herself at her own second wedding. That's a fair point.

44. Tania Maduro and Syngin Colchester

Tania Maduro and Syngin Colchester
Tania's long recovery from a dangerous car crash means that Syngin not only has to help her around the house, but he also has to work to support them.

45. Tania needs a lot of help

Tania needs a lot of help
She has to ask Syngin to help pick out clothes for her. She also needs his help to shower. It is an undignified nightmare that countless disabled folks endure day after day.

46. Syngin has to get a job

Syngin has to get a job
He knows that Tania has real concerns about his drinking and his job history, but he vows that he can land a job and not screw it up as he has in the past.

47. As for Tania

As for Tania
The doctor tells her that she will need to keep the cast on for another three months, so this is not a short term situation. She also notes that she expects that serious arthritis will set in for her eventually.

48. Syngin interviews at an Irish Pub

Syngin interviews at an Irish Pub
He comes home less than confident that he got the new job. That's okay, there are other bars. Unfortunately ...

49. He's drunk

He's drunk
Tania's concerns seem to be realized, especially when he starts giving her a hard time and seeming to not listen when she talks about her injury and concerns about mobility issues.

50. Angela Deem

Angela Deem
Angela is dealing with multiple issues, including sitting down with her attorney to discuss the idea of a will -- because right now, Michael stands to inherit everything if Angela passes away.

51. That is not unrealistic

That is not unrealistic
Angela's age is only one factor. She has been told that she may have uterine cancer. Even the thought of that reality should mean that anyone should give real thought to what happens to their property when they pass away.

52. There's also a red flag

There's also a red flag
Michael did not receive a spousal visa, so Angela is worried that there is something in his background that caused the government to deny the visa. But what could it be?

53. As for her family

As for her family
Angela tries to convince her daughter, Skyla, to be a witness at her wedding. She cannot take off work or leave her kids or her grandmother -- especially not to witness a wedding that she does not support.

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