90 Day Fiance Happily Ever After Recap: Ashley Calls 911 on Jay!!

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13. Larissa comes home

Larissa comes home
She's depressed, she feels miserable in her own house, and she doesn't trust her husband or her mother-in-law. Even when Debbie tried to ask her how things went, Larissa shuts her out.

14. What's the issue?

What's the issue?
Part of the problem continues to be that Colt insists to Larissa that he didn't say anything to the police, that they just chose to arrest her. That makes ... no sense. The police were almost certainly called on Colt after Larissa had locked herself in the bathroom and sent out a desperate plea for help. When police first arrived, they pointed guns at Colt and had him put his hands behind his head. Larissa has to wonder what her husband claimed to them to make them decide to arrest her and not him.

15. Meanwhile, Colt doesn't know how her hearing went

Meanwhile, Colt doesn't know how her hearing went
Husband of the year, everyone. He didn't show up for her court date so when Debbie asks how it is, he shrugs. He does look things up in courthouse records and learn that the charge was dismissed.

16. Does Colt ... understand?

Does Colt ... understand?
Colt has a way of speaking that some people find unsettling. Some viewers aren't sure if he really understands the gravity of what he did. Not when he deactivated her phone during an argument, making her fear for her safety. Not when he said whatever he must have said to police that made them drag away his wife.

17. You know what's really weird?

You know what's really weird?
Larissa's arrest was in early November. But she and Coltee stayed together until almost exactly two months later. During that time, Larissa endures Colt's heartbreaking cheating scandal in December.

18. Larissa always points the finger at Debbie

Larissa always points the finger at Debbie
Obviously, Colt's relationship with his mother is dysfunctional, but there's more than just a decades-old umbilical cord causing problems in the marriage. Our guess? Larissa wants her marriage to work, so she tries to place all of the blame on Debbie and convince herself that things will get better when she and Colt have their own place. Their problems run deeper than that.

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