90 Day Fiance Happily Ever After Recap: Angela Deem Wants to DIVORCE Michael Ilesanmi

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37. Ronald went all out

Ronald went all out
He decided to use part of his garage to give Daniel his own room instead of having him crash on the couch. On the one hand, this is extremely sweet and welcoming. On the other, it does show Ronald's ideas about how long Tiffany will be staying there.

38. Ronald's friend has his doubts

Ronald's friend has his doubts
This is, after all, a lot of work for a short visit

39. But Ronald insists that he has his own ideas

But Ronald insists that he has his own ideas
Either Tiffany, Daniel, and Carley stay for their full three-month visa -- which he would then extend to double the time -- or his spousal visa gets approved and he travels back to the US with them. It's sweet that he wants to spend so much time with his family, and it's unsurprising after 10 months apart, but ... it also feels a little controlling.

40. But for now, it's a touching reunion

But for now, it's a touching reunion
They are ALL so excited to be reunited again and it's really sweet to see.

41. Awwww!

They go back to the house, where Tiffany sees what a good effort Ronald has made on making them feel welcome. She does roast his choice in curtains in a loving way, but the curtains were bad so it's okay. However, it looks like next week is going to be a little less lovey-dovey.

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