90 Day Fiance Happily Ever After: Kalani Banishes Asuelu Home to Mom!

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37. Kalani Faagata and Asuelu Pulaa

Kalani Faagata and Asuelu Pulaa
Kalani and Asuelu and their boys are driving to the hotel where his mother and sisters are staying for their visit, because they will be heading home.

38. He hopes for peace

He hopes for peace
Considering that his sister Tammy once tried to attack Kalani and his mother once declared that she doesn't care about her grandsons and wants Asuelu home to labor for her benefit, they hope that today will go better.

39. They made peace with his mom

They made peace with his mom
But Asuelu notes that, while Lesina agreed to accept Asuelu's terms and not pressure him for more money than he can give, his sister Tammy still wants to fight.

40. Also ...

Also ...
Asuelu has changed his tune about the "who would win" debate between Kalani and Tammy, though that was never really the point.

41. They arrive

They arrive
There's Lesina and Rose ... but no Tammy in sight.

42. Tammy GHOSTED

Tammy hates Kalani so much that she left on her own, hours earlier. That is ... quite something. However, the visit with mom and aunt go well. And though Lesina does make a joke about needing money, she quickly clarifies that she is just kidding.

43. Things are good

Things are good
We see Kalani and Asuelu go on a date night, which is a nice break for them. Their boys are with Kalani's mom so the two of them can enjoy a night on the town ... with camera crew and producers in tow.

44. Asuelu tries a nacho

Asuelu tries a nacho
He declares it "stinky" but eats it anyway. Apparently he finds the jalapeno "spicy" which ... it's a little sliced jalapeno. Even if it's fresh, it's not that bad. But whatever, different people have different taste buds.

45. Unfortunately ...

Unfortunately ...
The COVID-19 pandemic came to the US, and Utah was not spared. This worsened things in their marriage.

46. Recording herself, Kalani shares her situation

Recording herself, Kalani shares her situation
Asuelu has been taking reckless risks, going out to play volleyball like a lunatic and hanging out with his buddies, and then lying to Kalani about his risk-taking. Apparently his misunderstanding of virology from their early talk this season about a Measles outbreak was just foreshadowing, because Asuelu either doesn't understand how viruses work or doesn't mind risking his family.

47. Either way, he's out of there

Either way, he's out of there
As Kalani explains to her mother, she has given Asuelu the boot and sent him to stay with his mom because she cannot allow him to endanger her or the kids with his recklessness. A lot of couples have split this year because one partner was deranged and refused to abide by common sense social distancing guidelines. It's a shame that this happened just as things were going better for them.

48. It's hard for Asuelu

It's hard for Asuelu
(Please do not pull your mask down like this; it will collect anything on your neck and then you'll breathe that in) Literally how hard is it to stay home, order food, spend time with your family, and play video games? He and Kalani were financially fine (thanks to her parents), so we cannot hope to imagine what prompted Asuelu to do this. It may have cost him his marriage. If so, it's what he deserves.

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