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37. Gross, Paul

Gross, Paul
Karine does not like how it's smelled. Paul refers to it as excrement (not the word that he uses) and the man "corrects" him, calling it "sludge." You know that something is gross when the preferred euphemism is "sludge."

38. If Paul "knows so much" about this stuff

If Paul "knows so much" about this stuff
... Karine says that he should find a job as a plumber. That's actually a great idea! Though plumbing is also a job that often involves going into people's houses, and Paul's criminal record could make that a real problem. (We know that, in many cases, a criminal record unfairly stops harmless people from getting safe jobs ... but given everything that you've heard about Paul, it's not impossible to imagine a woman being uncomfortable with him fixing her shower)

39. Enough is enough

Enough is enough
Karine gave him two months to get a job -- it didn't even have to be a good job, just *a* job. Instead, he's wasting their time with a tour of what smells like sewage.

40. How can they stay there?

How can they stay there?
Karine tells him that here, there's nothing, no support. In Brazil, she has family who can help with childcare.

41. Kalani Faagata and Asuelu Pulaa

Kalani Faagata and Asuelu Pulaa
They're back in Utah but, Kalani explains, that trip was the worst of her life. She and Asuelu are still reeling from the fallout of the trip. As you may recall, Asuelu's mother demanded $1,000 from them, then suggested that she should just take Asuelu back to Samoa where he can labor and then pay her the proceeds of that labor. She said that she doesn't "care about the kids." Asuelu's sister also tried to attack Kalani. After all of that, Asuelu got annoyed that Kalani had spoken to Kolini about Asuelu's family and her marital problems.

42. Mom is here

Mom is here
Lisa Faagata chats with her daughter, confirming that the current situation is unacceptable. Kalani doesn't want to just get a divorce (please remember that anyone can get a divorce or otherwise end a relationship at any time or for any reason; you don't need to meet some imaginary threshold to stop being miserable) because she wants to one day tell Oliver and Kennedy that at least she tried other options first. Kalani ... really sounds like she's given up in her mind already.

43. Here is Lisa's take

Here is Lisa's take
"I think that when Asuelu was in Samoa, he was a good actor. I think he fooled my daughter into thinking he was something he wasn't and was going to be something that he never intended to be," Kalani's mom opines. "But at some point, he has to make a decision if it's worth him adjusting to life in America or just wanting to go back to Samoa and live the way he's comfortable with."

44. Asuelu knows that things are bad

Asuelu knows that things are bad
He says that he thought that the issue would just die down once they got home, and seems confused that the drama from their trip did not magically evaporate when they crossed state lines.

45. Kalani has a suggestion

Kalani has a suggestion
They should do couples counseling, she suggests. Asuelu is new to this. He says that the closest thing that they had to therapy in Samoa was just speaking to the pastor. That is religious counseling, which is not really the same.

46. He asks if it will be "white people"

He asks if it will be "white people"
He wants a male Samoan therapist. On the one hand, we can understand any minority or marginalized person wanting a therapist who truly understands their perspective. At the same time, it sounds like Asuelu may want a therapist who will simply agree with him for cultural reasons.

47. They reach a compromise

They reach a compromise
Kalani was not able to find a Samoan therapist in Utah, but did get a translator and specifically sought out a male therapist because Asuelu will feel more comfortable speaking to him.

48. They get right into it

They get right into it
After sharing a bit of their backstory, Asuelu complains because he feels emasculated that Kalani is a whole person, and not his property. That's not how he says it but it's what he means.

49. It was actually an encouraging session

It was actually an encouraging session
They're told to write down their expectations of each other and ... even though Kalani basically meant for this to be her due diligence before a divorce, it looks like this could save their marriage.

50. Tania Maduro and Syngin Colchester

Tania Maduro and Syngin Colchester
Tania and Syngin sit down to have wine with Syngin's family ... and they are still feeling awkward after their big fight in front of his family.

51. It's time for damage control

It's time for damage control
It's not just that they want to assure The Family Syngin that they're not always like this, but his family wants to talk with them about, well, being happy and sorting out their differences.

52. Marriage was a big change for Syngin

Marriage was a big change for Syngin
He went from having great sex with an American tourist to being married to her, living in another country on another continent. That alone is a huge change even before these expectations come up.

53. Syngin feels like he got whiplash

Syngin feels like he got whiplash
He was living a fairly carefree life as a bartender living with his bros and now Tania wants to catapult him into being a more responsible person. She sees it as his personal growth, but that does not make it so.

54. Some VERY good advice from his stepdad

Some VERY good advice from his stepdad
Syngin's stepdad points out that they should simply not be arguing all of the time. Marriage is about loving each other, not petty disagreements or debates or frustrations. If they keep arguing like this, wouldn't they be happier if they end the marriage? (This is SO sensible; I wish that he'd talk to every couple like this. Michael Ilesanmi especially needs to hear it)

55. Later ...

Later ...
Syngin, this time with Tania, meets up with his extremely former-roommates-in-any-sitcom buddies, Andrew and James. There, Tania explains that she did see things about Syngin at the time that made her wonder if they would be compatible, but she ignored them.

56. It's denial

It's denial
They say that Tania told herself what she wanted to believe about Syngin and who he was. (Also yes, I WILL be using this screenshot as a reaction image)

57. Syngin says that he supports all of her choices

Syngin says that he supports all of her choices
But when he says that he's totally onboard with her being a housewife if she wants, she exclaims -- and not unreasonably -- that she can't be a housewife if she's partnered with someone with no interest in giving her a house. Yeah, okay, point taken.

58. Next week:

There's a lot going on in this preview, and we're especially hyped to see Kalani's family face off with Asuelu's, but ... is Larissa going to die? (We know that she lives but this is still scary)

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