90 Day Fiance: Is Andrei Castravet Gonna Beat Up Charlie Potthast in Moldova??

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37. All set!

All set!
This is the nerve-wracking part, especially when they emphasize the risks. Surely Larissa knew this already, but it's different when you're about to go under.

38. She's all in

She's all in
Larissa is not the only one whose butt will be blurred in this episode, but her story isn't done yet.

39. It's a tense time

It's a tense time
Every single time that you get put under, there is a risk that you might have complications -- or might never wake up again. The surgical procedures then have risks of their own.

40. Eric started getting antsy

Eric started getting antsy
We don't know how much producers were prodding him (footage of him doing nothing whatsoever but sitting and waiting doesn't really cut it), but Eric expressed some real worries.

41. Oh no

Oh no
Now, Larissa took some extra time to wake up after the procedure. She did end up breathing on her own and conscious, however, and they were able to send her home.

42. It's all on Eric

It's all on Eric
Eric pushed her along in a wheelchair to take her back home, where he will be her caregiver while she heals.

43. Right now, she needs to recover

Right now, she needs to recover
So Eric brings her medicine, he gives her little bits of water when she asks, and he also spoon-feeds her. This is ... remarkably tender.

44. Elizabeth Potthast and Andrei Castravet

Elizabeth Potthast and Andrei Castravet
It's the day of Elizabeth's Moldovan wedding. She and Andrei are already married, but this time, they're getting married in accordance with his family's traditions. She has pulled out all of the stops, even converting to Orthodox Christianity, and now her sister Jenn is there to apply her makeup.

45. Andrei is also getting ready

Andrei is also getting ready
Hanging out, he does give Marcel a brief hard time for speaking about him to the Potthasts, but he quickly moves on.

46. Then ...

Then ...
Andrei shows off the best side of his personality -- his body -- and while he's a thirst trap, the Moldovan men in the room for some reason decide to body-shame him? As we have said many times, cultural differences exist on a spectrum. Body-shaming is just plain bad. And almost hilariously misplaced in this case.

47. Elizabeth gets into costume

Elizabeth gets into costume
She really does feel more like she's cosplaying as a serf in the middle ages than like she's preparing for her wedding, but she's doing this for Andrei.

48. LOTS of Potthast reactions

LOTS of Potthast reactions
She looks like she's a little old Moldovan woman baking bread, they marvel. It's not that she looks old, but wearing traditional attire in ANY culture tends to make you look older. Put a six-year-old child in a suit and tie and suddenly I'm asking him about his stock portfolio.

49. This means so much to Andrei

This means so much to Andrei
Did ... did things not feel real earlier? We guess that he just means within Moldovan culture and his church. You know how some families get weird if you just get a marriage certificate and don't have a wedding ceremony beyond the minimum required for marriage? Maybe he's been getting a lot of grief from that.

50. Everyone is ready

Everyone is ready
Andrei does have to remind everyone to not be joking around or laughing. The reason is that it's a church. Depending upon your religion, houses of worship may be regarded as deeply solemn locations. It varies from faith to faith, and within denominations.

51. I crown thee ... wait

I crown thee ... wait
Okay, so if you don't have any Orthodox friends, you may not know that they do not screw around when it comes to the presence of gold or in general having lots of fancy regalia.

52. No pressure?

No pressure?
It's interesting to see the fusion of super old-timey practices (there are very apparent pre-Christian influences in the marriage ceremony, for example) with something as modern as a formal marriage certification. What a fun cultural experience for viewers!

53. Now, for the good part

Now, for the good part
At the reception, they're at the very nice place that Elizabeth and Andrei picked out together. Chuck, of course, is footing the bill.

54. There are some genuinely sweet moments

There are some genuinely sweet moments
The bride and groom ... who have been married for quite some time at this point -- are acting like newlyweds, which fits the vibe of the event.

55. Charlie, however ...

Charlie, however ...
Last week, we saw the previews and hoped that it was just TLC making it look like Charlie was going to act like a trash goblin and diss his brother-in-law at the reception, but turn out to be misleading. Nope -- Charlie tried to get a chant started about Andrei not being s--t or whatever. Don't be rude.

56. Even Chuck wanted him to cool it

Even Chuck wanted him to cool it
This is one of those places where bad behavior in real life makes for GREAT reality TV because this episode was finally delivering on the AGES of buildup that have been going all season long.

57. OH NO

Charlie seemingly cannot help himself: "Get your s--t together. Don't come to America and try to live off my dad. Don't ask my dad for s--t."

58. The reception goes on

The reception goes on
However, once it's dark, Andrei takes Charlie aside and outside. Charlie himself asks if Andrei is trying to fight him.

59. Watch it for yourself

This is the explosive clip of Charlie trying to ruin his sister's Moldovan wedding.

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