90 Day Fiance Happily Ever After: Colt Johnson Confesses to Cheating on Jess a LOT!

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37. It's all too much for Kalani

It's all too much for Kalani
Sleep deprived, angry, sad, and realizing that her husband doesn't even understand why she is so unhappy, Kalani tells the camera that she is tired of being married. Wow.

38. Paul Staehle and Karine Martins

Paul Staehle and Karine Martins
Karine and a beautiful, wide-eyed baby Pierre leave the tiny little one-room house.

39. This is their chance

This is their chance
As Karine explains, Paul isn't there right now, as he is away with his mother.

40. This is a milestone for her

This is a milestone for her
This is Karine's first time leaving that tiny little house without Paul accompanying her. She is nervous, because she's in an unfamiliar place and because she doesn't know how Paul will react.

41. She meets with an attorney

She meets with an attorney
She wants to know her rights. She explains that she has given Paul two months to find a job and that, if he fails, she may want to take Pierre and head back to Brazil.

42. The answer is mixed

The answer is mixed
Yes, she can travel to and from Brazil with her current documents. However, Paul's reaction could negatively impact her because he also has parental rights. Karine explains that she doesn't want to block Pierre from Paul, but just that she worries about her and her son's futures in the US with Paul.

43. Paul returns with plantains

Paul returns with plantains
It sounds like he mispronounces what they are, but we are too distracted by the garbage bag windows. Like ... she's spent weeks trapped in this single room with garbage bags on the windows??? Dude, it would cost like one Cameo video's payout to get some blackout curtains so that Karine can live like a human being.

44. Karine tells Paul what she did that day

Karine tells Paul what she did that day
Even though she told him on camera, Paul cannot contain his shock or outrage. First, he suspiciously demands to know how she got there -- clearly worried that she has a friend who helped her. She says that she took an Uber by herself. Paul then bombards her with angry threats, essentially warning her that if she ever tries to leave him, he'll take her to court in the US and in Brazil. We're guessing that this incident is what prompted Paul to cover every square foot of their next home with security cameras.

45. It gets worse

It gets worse
Having reduced Karine to tears with his threats, Paul then forces multiple hugs upon her on camera, even when she begs him to stop.

46. Colt Johnson and Jess Caroline (and Debbie ... and Vanessa)

Colt Johnson and Jess Caroline (and Debbie ... and Vanessa)
Colt Johnson comes downstairs ready to greet the day ... and his roommate.

47. It's Vanessa!

It's Vanessa!
The woman about whom he lied to Jess so that he could keep boning her while keeping Vanessa as his friend and former (and future) friend-with-benefits? She's living with him and Debbie. He hasn't told Jess, of course. He also hasn't told her that he was "talking to" other women during his and Jess' off-and-on drama since the trip to Brazil.

48. Jess arrives

Jess arrives
Colt meets her at a neutral location, a cat cafe. Actually, he meets her outside of it, so that he can take his time hugging her ... and it looks like smelling her.

49. Jess has one hell of a line

Jess has one hell of a line
How IS his penis? She has good reason to ask, you see.

50. Jess explains

Jess explains
A lot of girls messaged Jess to let her know that Colt was not only messaging them, he was telling them that he was single ... and swapping photos with them. That includes pictures of his penis. This is not new for him -- he did the same during his marriage to Larissa, claiming that the marriage was only for TV, so this isn't a shock to us -- but Jess wasn't expecting it.

51. He's such a horndog

He's such a horndog
Trading nudes is fine. Trading so many nudes that eight of the women (who knows how many there were who DIDN'T reach out to Jess) tell your girlfriend about it, even if you were on a break at the time, is ... pushing it. It made Jess wonder if he cares about her.

52. She has all of the details

She has all of the details
Apparently he would send good-morning photos of his penis to these women.

53. The bigger issue

The bigger issue
The problem is that Colt tells lies habitually, and he expects them to always work out for them.

54. He needs therapy

He needs therapy
Jess is ... absolutely right. Though in Colt's case, therapy might just give him more practice convincing people.

55. Still, she goes home with him

Still, she goes home with him
Colt hasn't told her the big news yet, of course, because, as she said, he lies. Debbie puts on her fakest smile and approaches them with a plate of grapes.

56. They sit down and have small talk

They sit down and have small talk
Debbie is doing her level best to hide how much she loathes Jess for daring to date her precious baby boy, but Jess can't stand how Colt is acting like their earlier conversation never happened.

57. She explains it to Debbie

She explains it to Debbie
Colt was messaging multiple other women, sending them nudes and claiming to be single.

58. She has proof

She has proof
Notably, Jess is NOT offering to show Debbie screenshots of her own son's penis. We can understand if it sounded that way. Debbie, at Colt's suggestion, gets up and walks away.

59. Look!

It wouldn't have mattered if Debbie saw everything. We suppose that we can't fault her for seeing her son as the good guy even when he's not. She'd go along with whatever he told her -- that it's fine because they were on a break, that Jess is exaggerating, that some of these women are faking evidence because they want his attention.

60. Colt decides to rip off the bandaid

Colt decides to rip off the bandaid
Colt does what he should have done ages ago ... and tells Jess that Vanessa is living with him and Debbie. Jess's broken "no" is all that we get to see of her reaction ... until next time.

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