90 Day Fiance Happily Ever After: Colt Faces Larissa and Jess at the Tell All

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37. Asuelu, an adult, starts to have a tantrum

Asuelu, an adult, starts to have a tantrum
Like a restless toddler, he starts trying to take off his mic, and Kalani has to spend time trying to talk him out of it by reminding him that she will speak to his family, too, so he needs to have his turn. Being a mother of three must be exhausting for her.

38. Asuelu's family does tune in

Asuelu's family does tune in
Tammy says that it's none of Kalani's business how much money Asuelu sends to his mother in the family's pyramid scheme ... oh, sorry, according to "Samoan culture." Notably, Kalani's dad is Samoan and sends money home, but no one in his family thinks that they are allowed to demand specific quantities of cash.

39. Tammy vs Kolini

Tammy vs Kolini
Kolini isn't just a fan favorite because she's hot. She is totally no-nonsense and brimming with confidence. At one point during the Tell All, Tammy threatens to beat her up, too. Kolini is unbothered. But we're getting ahead of ourselves.

40. Shaun plays the jaw-dropping clip

Shaun plays the jaw-dropping clip
With Asuelu watching, Lesina tells Kalani: "I don't care about the kids." She wants Kalani and Asuelu to divorce so that Asuelu can return to Samoa and labor for Lesina's benefit. This is what prompted Kalani to walk away, and for Tammy to lunge after her. Tammy apparently still feels justified about that.

41. Asuelu tears up

Asuelu tears up
After a pause, he begins to really express how hurt he feels. It's not just upsetting for his sister to try to throw down with Kalani. He heard his mother say that she doens't care about her own grandchildren.

42. See that moment for yourself

We had to include part of the sneak peek, because there is so much more drama to come, just between Kalani and Asuelu.

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