21 Bizarre Duggar Family Rules: You Won't Believe What They Don't Allow ...

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7. Romance Novels

Romance Novels
Safe to say the Duggars are in the minority, having not read Fifty Shades of Grey (the movie adaptation of which they won't be seeing either, we're guessing). The Bible warns not to "think about gratifying the pleasure of the flesh," so instead the family studies Christian text and not E.L. James' erotic fiction. The Duggars' option is probably 1,000 times better-written, we will give them that much.

8. Modern Music and/or Dancing

Modern Music and/or Dancing
Avert your eyes, Michelle Duggar! The family matriarch feels that dancing encourages "sensual" feelings, while Jessa Duggar has said that she feels modern music promotes "sex, drugs, all that type of stuff." Instead, the family chooses to play gospel music together.

9. The Beach

The Beach
Yes, seriously. There is Duggar-approved swimwear (it's conservative and not very revealing, as Jessa Duggar recently showed us) but when it comes to the beach, that's not happening. At all. Why? Blame the general public. "It's just too hard for the guys to try and keep their eyes averted," Michelle explains. As for why Ben Seewald has to keep his eyes averted when he's married to Jessa and there's only family around at the pool party pictured above, we have absolutely no idea.

10. 1-on-1 Premarital Phone Calls

1-on-1 Premarital Phone Calls
Jessa Duggar and Ben Seewald brazenly broke this rule, they admit now, secretly calling one another on the phone before they were even ENGAGED. Can you even handle the scandal!?

11. Halloween

Even if you took out the boozy parties, sexy nurses and cats looking to get freaky and frisky with anything that moves, Halloween would still be a no-go for the Duggars. Because, according to the parents, magic and witches are "part of a demonic realm God wants us to stay away from," and this holiday qualifies. To each their own.

12. Hand Holding

Hand Holding
Better hope Jill and Der were at LEAST engaged, if not officially married, at the time this transgression occurred. The touch of one's hand in another's hand can escalate from 0 to 100, REAL QUICK.

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