11 Stars Who Got Dumped Over the Phone: WE R DONE LOL

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They may sing better than most people on the planet. Or dance. Or act. Or hit a tennis ball. Their talents are second to none.

But neverthelesss, even some of the biggest celebrities on the planet are just like random people featured in this photo gallery:

They've been dumped via text message or over the phone!

Fortunately, they've managed to pick up the pieces and move on, unwilling to be defined by low points in their romantic lives.

But these break-ups will live forever in embarrassing infamy...

1. James Harden

James Harden
"I'm sorry." Those are the only words sources say Khloe Kardashian wrote to James Harden upon dumping him... and then deciding NOT to divorce Lamar Odom.

2. Katy Perry

Forget a mere break-up. Katy Perry told Vogue that her MARRIAGE ended via text, courtesy of Russell Brand: "Let’s just say I haven’t heard from him since he texted me saying he was divorcing me December 31, 2011."

3. Kevin Federline

Kevin Federline learned back in 2006 that Britney Spears was filing for divorce after two years of marriage. Moreover, footage of Federline receiving the message hit YouTube soon afterward.

4. Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift has famously been dumped many times. But only Joe Jonas did the dirty deed in a 27-second phone call.

5. Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston
John Mayer himself admitted that he ended his on-again/off-again relationship with Jennifer Aniston in 2008 by text message. He's a douchebag.

6. Carrie Underwood

Carrie Underwood
Really, Chace Crawford?!? Said Carrie Underwood to Extra in 2008 of her split from the actor: "We broke up over text so ... it's like 'peace out.'"

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