9 Krazy Kardashian Klashes

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7. Model Behavior?

Model Behavior?
After Kendall Jenner walked out of a business meeting, Kim scolded the teenager, telling her to “start acting a little bit more professional.” Kendall replied that Kim was just jealous of her runway success.

8. Bikini Body Battle!

Bikini Body Battle!
An insider tells In Touch Weekly that Kim and Kourtney “are always looking at each other’s body and picking it apart,” adding that Kourtney “always makes fun of Kim’s ‘lumps,’ meaning her cellulite.”

9. Odoms Over Us?

Odoms Over Us?
Remember when Khloe refused to fly to New York to celebrate Scott's restaurant opening because she was spending time with Lamar/ Spat Kim: "You’re very family oriented with the Odoms."

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