9 Funniest Vine Videos to Commemorate the Fall of a 6-Second Empire

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As you may have heard, the final days of Vine are upon us. 

Last week, Twitter announced that it will be discontinuing the Vine mobile app, and fans of six-second comedy the world over wept.

Given the attention span of the average Vine user, they probably got over it quickly, but maybe some have been caught in an eternal loop of despair?

Frankly, we have no idea what we're talking about, but here are some of the funniest clips tweeted with the #RIPVine hashtag over the past week:

1. "What's My Name, Siri?" Vine

iPhone use has officially peaked. You might as well just throw your new 7 in the trash. Wireless earbuds are dumb, anyway.

2. Chillary Clinton Vine

"Greetings, youths. You know what's totes on fleek this Election Day? Voting for a candidate who isn't besties with Vladimir Putin! That broski has zero chill!"

3. Sneak Cattack Vine

Cats are pure evil. Fortunately, they're just as cruel to each other as they are to humans, so it balances out.

4. Flying Truck Fail Vine

Okay, this one is less funny and more, "Holy sh-t, WTF just happened?!" We, uh ... we assume everyone survived.

5. WTF, Richard?!

A classic from the Vine vaults. Frisbee is not Richard's strong suit.

6. #SuicideFairy Vine

Some Christmas presents aren't long for this world. There's a lesson in here but about playing too close to open fires. Or something...

7. Father's Day Song Vine

Who says you can't pay proper tribute to the people who raised you in six seconds? This musical genius does his pops proud with a catchy musical number.

8. Extreme Dodgeball Vine

This woman THROWS A TABLE, then catches a chair, all without dropping her purse. If you ever get the opportunity, pick her for your dodgeball team.

9. Unexpected Comic Relief Vine

This Vine takes you on an emotional roller coaster in six seconds. It also comes with a serious "Don't try this at home!" warning.

10. How's the Fishing? Vine

Usually a bad day of fishing means you didn't catch anything. But sometimes this happens...

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