12 Awkward Celebrity Interviews

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7. Justin Timberlake Was Given WHAT by a Reporter?!?

Justin Timberlake was interviewed for a Brazillian TV show. It was super awkward. Especially after she gave him a mold of her rear end.

8. Jesse Eisenberg Movie Interview: Is He Being a Jerk?

Jesse Eisenberg gives an interview about the movie Now You See Me in this video and we can't decide: is he really being a jerk?

9. Jason Mesnick to Molly: Take Me Back!

Remember when Jason dumped Melissa on the Bachelor After the Rose special? And then asked Molly out? That was awesome!

10. Fantastic Four Stars Push Through Awkward, Sexist, Racist Interview

Kudos to Michael B. Jordan and Kate Mara. The stars somehow made it through one of the more awkward celebrity interviews you'll ever see.

11. Daniel Craig Shuts Down Reporter, Refuses to Pout

Daniel Craig is not a trained monkey, Reporter Lady! He's not gonna pout just because you ask him to!

12. Justin Bieber Walks Out of Awkward Interview

Well... this was awkward. Watch Justin Bieber try to promote his new album, only to walk out when an interview turned weird and uncomfortable.

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